Project Online infrastructure is managed by Microsoft. Clients on Project Online don’t have to worry about applying patches or updates. This is different for the clients who are using Project Server On-Premise. Microsoft release Patches to Project Server On-Premise periodically which are supplied as Service Packs, Public Updates, Cumulative Updates, bug fixes etc.

We advise specific care to be taken when applying the patches to the Project Server Infrastructure.

A few things to bear in mind are:

  1. Any patches relating to Project Server and SharePoint Server should not be rolled out as part of the Automatic Windows Updates. The setting should be turned off as specific steps need to be followed when applying SharePoint and Project Server patches.
  2. The patches and updates should only be applied to fix specific issues.
  3. Backup and Rollback options for the entire system should be clearly in place before commencing the installation.
  4. While installing patches for Project Server, ensure to include both corresponding Project Server and SharePoint Server patches at the same time.
  5. Further to the installation of the binaries, ensure to run the Configuration Wizard to complete the update.

Check our technology videos for more tips & tricks.

By Peter Amalrajan – Head of PPM Support

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