The Axelos P3M3 (Project, Programme, Portfolio Management Maturity Model) enables growth in maturity via recommendations for improvement focused on each of the P3 (Project, programme, Portfolio) disciplines being delivered by an organisation. 

Benefits of having one of these P3M3 maturity reviews completed by an Axelos assessor include: 

  • A case for change: if teams are not 100% sold on the idea that your P3 practice needs to change, the report provides an independent view of what could be better, what strengths you can level, and what a roadmap might look like 
  • Greater focus: on areas that need improvement but that will also generate the greatest return on investment 
  • Alignment: across delivery and organisational entities ensuring that all teams speak the same language and understand the best approach to P3 delivery 
  • Commitment: from all parties that the roadmap is the best way to achieve P3 delivery strategic goals 
  • Benchmarking: to understand on an industry level how you are performing, which in turn enables everyone to understand when you have succeeded 

P3M3 Certification Industry Insights

In addition to the benefits detailed above, there are developments in the wider project management industry that provide more insight into the importance of certifying organisations against their commitment to the maturity journey. 

Organisations are accountable for delivering changes that relate to infrastructure or have a variety of suppliers are expected to request visibility of sub-contractor and vendor maturity (or journey towards) as part of their selection process as they become more ‘mature-savvy’. 

This approach makes sense. We know from the PMO world that if we have organisational entities that are at different stages of maturity, we often see a disconnect in ways of working, reporting, and even the ability to collaborate. All these potential misalignments increase the risk exposure for projects and the organisation. 

If we extrapolate this concept out to programmes and projects that require lots of input from various vendors, this very risk is multiplied as collaboration with external parties becomes the most important aspect of delivering on time, on budget, and in achieving RoI. 

Why P3M3?

Axelos are the best practice guidance providers for a variety of qualifications that are both well respected and up to date with industry developments. The IPA recognise and detail the importance of maturity in delivery (digital, project, and otherwise) in their Roadmap to 2030

As part of a full diagnostic P3M3 review an organisation can request and receive a formal certificate that provides future Clients and partners with confidence that their PPM practice is best in class and continuing to evolve to deliver more effectively; making the bids and tender process run smoother; guaranteeing better Client inception and retention. 

Why Wellingtone?

Wellingtone takes a #HumanFirst approach to deliver P3M3 assessments, and provide a comprehensive overview of strengths, areas of opportunity, and support for roadmap development which includes a PMO lens for completeness. 

Our qualified P3M3 Assessors can support organisation maturity journeys as a Business Partner and critical friend with forward-thinking insights and solutions. 

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By: Emma Arnaz-Pemberton

Emma Arnaz-Pemberton
Consulting Director FAPM, MCMI, MPMI, MIoD PMO-CC, MoR, MSP, PRINCE2

Published: 31 January 2022

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