Aevi’s mission is to build a more open world, where anyone, anywhere, can take or make any kind of payment. Open, device-agnostic and solution-independent, Aevi’s cloud-based platform lets payments and transaction data flow across all channels and consumer touchpoints. As the in-person payments expert, Aevi connects digital and in-person channels, orchestrates checkout flows, and sets transaction data free. Today, the award-winning FinTech Aevi operates across Europe, Australia and the US with offices in London, Prague and Paderborn.

Underpinning Aevi’s portfolio is the work of the PMO, headed up by Mark Broome (VP, Professional Services and part of the Operations Function led by Paolo Zambonini, Chief Operating Officer). Reporting to Mark, Sukhdeep Rai (Programme QA & Governance Manager) joined Aevi in January 2022 and, working with PMO Manager, Chris Bergin, was immediately charged with selecting, implementing, and onboarding a new PPM tool to drive visibility, standardisation, and reporting. Microsoft Project for the web was identified as the tool of choice – with Microsoft Gold Partner, Wellingtone, selected to support the implementation.




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Key Benefits

  • Standardised project templates, milestones, phase gates, risks, and issues.
  • Automatic aggregation of RAG statuses against baseline data.
  • One-touch Power BI reporting for instant PPM status visibility.
  • Fast, easy user adoption thanks to Project for the web’s intuitive interface.
  • Driving powerful change and continuous improvement in PPM working practices.

Working across a set of defined strategic headlines, Aevi’s PMO has achieved implementation and rollout within just three months. The PMO, programme managers, project management teams and executive stakeholders are already embracing Project for the web’s intuitive interface, Power BI’s powerful PPM reporting capabilities, and Wellingtone’s proprietary customisation to enhance RAG status management. But, as Sukhdeep explains, the project has been as much about driving behavioural change as the technology itself. It is the start of a PPM transformation Aevi intends to continue, with Wellingtone’s partnership supporting the roadmap.

A Light Touch, Powerful PPM Tool with the Capability to Flex to Growing Requirements

Sukhdeep was rightly keen to ensure that selecting Aevi’s new tool was an impartial process aligned to the business needs. “We needed to accommodate two perspectives,” he says. “We needed to support delivery processes for our project management teams. Equally importantly, from the PMO’s perspective, we needed to disseminate consistent data to the wider business. Through a rigorous process of stakeholder requirements gathering, demos from various vendors, and scoring the shortlisted systems against our requirements, it became clear that Project for the web was the right fit for Aevi. We are a dynamic, rapidly expanding organisation. So, Project for the web’s intuitive functionality, cloud-based capabilities and iterative updates dovetail perfectly with our ambitious growth and continuous improvement strategy. We also felt that Wellingtone was the supplier who best understood our needs, had the technical capabilities and PPM expertise to customise the tool, and wanted to work with us as a genuine partner – not just a supplier.”

Project for the Web is equipping us to drive the changes we need across process and governance quickly – but in a structured way.

Sukhdeep Rai, Programme QA & Governance Manager

Driving Robust Risk and Issue Governance, Lifecycle Visibility, and PMO/Sponsor Engagement

During a detailed one-day exploration workshop, Wellingtone worked with Sukhdeep and the team to identify four key focus areas: project planning, delivery lifecycle management, status reporting and risk and issue management. Wellingtone then configured Project for the web with mandatory fields, templates, milestones, and phase gates for standardised processes, plus meaningful, real-time reporting using Power BI. A particular benefit was Wellingtone’s proprietary Accelerator+ Power App solution. This automates project status reporting against defined baseline data, ensuring that RAG statuses are set objectively and consistently for robust governance across the portfolio. “We are already seeing the benefits, even though we are only in our second full reporting cycle at this stage (July 2022),” Sukhdeep explains. “From a project manager’s perspective, Project for the web is easy to adopt – and our teams are doing so enthusiastically. From a PMO perspective, being able to generate real-time, consistent reports across the portfolio is invaluable. Not only is it winning back precious time, but it is also transforming our PMO/Sponsor engagement. Our project teams can see how the outputs of their work are being presented to the business, which motivates them to embrace Project for the web’s role in showcasing that work. Our executive sponsors are really excited about the Power BI reports they’re seeing, and the insights that data is generating. Fundamentally, the PMO is a change function. Project for the web is equipping us to drive the changes we need across process and governance quickly – but in a structured way.”

A Value-Adding Partnership for the Future Transformation Roadmap

Looking ahead, Aevi’s PMO is embracing the prospect of continuing the relationship with Wellingtone to further enhance PPM delivery – as well as to develop robust career development benefits for retaining and developing project and programme management talent.  “Phase one was about establishing project management fundamentals and visibility across the project delivery lifecycle, and we have achieved that,” Sukhdeep says. “Wellingtone have been flexible and collaborative in their approach, which has driven our capacity to implement phase one so quickly. Moving forward, we’re keen to explore further resource management and financial management capabilities that will mature with us as our business grows. But we’re also keen to leverage Wellingtone’s offering as an APM Accredited trainer – so that we can invest in our project management community and offer a structured professional development pathway. I only have praise for Wellingtone’s flexible, collaborative approach.”

From the start, we chose Wellingtone because we recognised their capacity to act as an experienced advisory partner – not just a vendor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering a Project for the web implementation.

Sukhdeep Rai, Programme QA & Governance Manager