SCAPA Healthcare’s PMO Moves Towards Best-in-Class Maturity

SCAPA Healthcare – part of the MATIV Group, is a diversified Healthcare group focused on bringing best-in-class innovation, design, and manufacturing solutions to its customers. Rachel Charlesworth is the organisation’s PMO Lead, working with the European teams to ensure cadence across a portfolio of prospecting, delivering, and sustaining innovation. As a one-person PMO, balancing delivery at speed with best practice PPM requirements is quite a challenge! But, with the support of Wellingtone’s certified PMO Academy which encompasses the PMO Practitioner Course – the only PMO course globally Accredited by both the APM and IPMA , and the unique PMO Leader Course (which includes two months of mentoring, and is also Accredited by APM) – Rachel has designed and delivered an ambitious PPM roadmap, setting the conditions for further growth and maturity.




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PMO Leader Course Key Benefits

Pushing the boundaries of PMO Learning through project-based critical thinking over a 60-day period.

Covering the ‘dark arts’ of the PMO, including:

  • The State of the PMO
  • Resource Management
  • Benefits Realisation Management
  • Knowledge Management Best Practices
  • Portfolio Selection and Prioritisation
  • Building the PMO Culture
  • Leading the PMO
  • The Future of PMO
  • PMO Consultation

A Ground-Breaking Course for Pioneering PMO Leaders

Rachel initially completed Wellingtone’s APM Accredited PMO Practitioner Course, before being accepted onto the PMO Leader Course. “There is a huge amount of complexity involved in SCAPA Healthcare’s growth,” she explains.

I needed professional development options that supported an adaptive, real-world approach. Wellingtone was the only organisation that seemed to adopt that more flexible training mindset.

Rachel Charlesworth, PMO Lead

Focusing on the ‘dark arts’ of transforming the PMO, the initial 3-day course is followed by a period of project-based learning and mentoring. “I created my own PMO roadmap, with the support of Wellingtone’s experts and my peers on the course,” says Rachel. “Using the standard tools available to me (as we do not yet have any specialised PPM tooling), the PMO has now rolled out a baseline assessment, a portfolio prioritisation tool, a raw materials prioritisation tool, a resource management tool, plus lessons learned. It was particularly helpful to share my challenges with fellow delegates in a safe, face-to-face environment. We exchanged ideas and experiences, gave each other feedback, and guided each other under the support and expertise of the course leaders. Straight away, you are encouraged to return to your organisation and put your learning into action. The mentoring period helps you to stay on track and make sure you are putting the learning into direct action to benefit the business. It equipped me to go back to my leadership team, demonstrate the true potential of the PMO, and achieve their buy-in to implement the transformational tools and strategies we needed.”

With the support of the PMO Leader course, I believe our PMO is well on its way to being best in class already.

Rachel Charlesworth, PMO Lead

Setting the Foundations to Build a Best-in-Class PMO

A huge amount has been achieved already, and Rachel has clear ambitions for the journey ahead. “The PMO has expedited real visibility and value amongst our internal customers in just 12 months. With the support of the PMO Leader course, I believe our PMO is well on its way to being best in class already.  It sets the business case for continuing to grow portfolio maturity year-on-year. I would not hesitate to recommend Wellingtone to any PMO in a similar situation. They are of the moment, innovative, and leaders in their field. They truly understand what the PMO is all about, and how to transform PMO delivery to serve the needs of the wider business.”

For more information, visit the PMO Training Academy.