The Axelos Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) is an established assessment that provides a framework for organisations to assess and benchmark their current performance and effectively develop a roadmap for improvement.

P3M3 has become a key standard amongst industry maturity models and is utilised by organisations; large and small to drive a step-change in maturity within their project, programme, and portfolio management practice. P3M3 incorporates three maturity models (or perspectives) that can be reviewed separately to focus on specific areas of the business (or indeed more generally) to help you assess the strength of the relationship between your portfolios, programmes, and projects.

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Demonstrate Your PPM Maturity has Strategic Focus

Full Diagnostic P3M3 Assessment

A full review of organisational capability certified by AXELOS providing recommendations and a Transformation Roadmap. This assessment utilises AXELOS Intellectual Property and is only available through an Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP) such as ourselves.

P3M3 Transformational Roadmap Delivery

This service is designed to extend the Full Diagnostic P3M3 Assessment to develop your Transformation Roadmap into a delivery project. Drive forward with your transformational change to realise benefits highlighted in the maturity report.

P3M3 Annual MOT

We recommend the Full Diagnostic Assessment is completed once every two years. As part of our P3M3 Annual MOT we will undertake a dip-check assessment to provide an independent review of progress against the agreed Transformational Roadmap.

Why P3M3?

Our mission is to enable a step-change in your PPM maturity.  The P3M3 Assessment allows you to:

  • Assess your current capability considering the breadth of the perspectives and depth of the threads
  • Understand what strengths to lever to support the development of opportunity areas
  • Benchmark your capability to demonstrate a step-change in maturity in the future
  • Define a roadmap for improvement, understanding the highest impact areas
  • Optimise your investment in improving capability across teams (training or technology)

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