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Consultancy Services

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We enable our clients to make a step change in their Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) maturity.

We ensure you benefit from our knowledge and experience through practical, cost effective real world advice, support and assistance. Our services focus on modernising PPM ways of working, methodology & governance supported by Microsoft technology and ground breaking training for your project, portfolio & work management community. Engagements typically start with a PPM & PMO maturity & benchmark assessment.

We work as part of your team, taking you to the future of work management!

Our Consultancy Services

PPM, PMO & P3M3 Maturity Assessment & Benchmarking

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To achieve a new vision for Project, Portfolio and Work Management you first need to understand where you are. Our PPM and PMO Maturity Assessment combines our expertise as an Axelos P3M3 Consulting Partner with our in-depth data analysis & expertise.

We provide you with a unique insight into your organisational maturity. We benchmark your organisations against data from +700 organisations and, most importantly, provide practical recommendations for transformational change.

  • Axelos P3M3 Assessors

  • Assess your current PPM & PMO Maturity

  • Benchmark against +700 organisations

  • Understand current strengths & weaknesses

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PPM Methodology & Governance Development

Every organisation must have a defined, practical approach to capturing, approving, planning, managing and closing projects. This approach should be scaled to reflect the size, importance, risk and benefit of each initiative.

The success of a Methodology is driven by its adoption. We work in partnership with you, developing your Project, Portfolio and Work Management solutions. Typically we create customised training courses as part of successful adoption.

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  • Achieve a practical, best-fit practice approach

  • Focus on stakeholder engagement & adoption
  • Customised practical courses aligned to your training needs

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PMO Development & Implementation

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The PMO sits at the heart of best practice Project, Portfolio & Work Management. Often undervalued, the PMO should have a clear remit & service catalogue, well defined performance KPIs and a Balanced Scorecard.

We work in partnership with you to setup & develop your best-fit practice PMO, whatever your “P” stands for.

  • Define Your PMO Benefits Case

  • Demonstrate Value Delivery

  • Create Your PMO Balanced Scorecard

  • Develop Your PMO People

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Legal Project Management

We retain specialist expertise in LPM. Efficient Matter Management is a significant differentiator for any legal practice.

Our consulting advice is underpinned by our customised LPM training courses; globally, the only LPM training independently Accredited by the APM.

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  • Establishing & Develop Your LPM Approach

  • LPM Competence Assessments

  • LPM Templates & Toolkit

  • APM Accredited Customised LPM Training

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Project Kick-Off & Recovery

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Are you just about to launch an important project or need to get one back on track? Our focused & practical Kick-off and Recovery Workshops sets your team off on the path to success.

Engage with Wellingtone and one of our Senior team will provide honest external advice as your critical friend.

  • Practical PM Guidance

  • Facilitated Planning Workshops

  • Kick-Off Your Project the Right Way

  • Parachute in Our Expertise

  • Get Your Critical Project Back on Track

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