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PPM Methodology & Governance

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Every organisation needs a defined, practical approach to capturing, approving, planning, managing and closing projects. This approach should be scaled to reflect the size, importance, risk and benefit of each initiative. The success of a Methodology is driven by its adoption, not just pretty templates.

We work in partnership with you, to develop your Project, Portfolio and Work Management ways of working. Typically we also create customised training courses based on your training needs as part of successful methodology & governance adoption.

How it works

Success is Defined by Adoption

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Success is defined by user adoption. If everyone buys into the defined Methodology, then it’s a success. We recommend keeping things simple & accessible, removing PPM jargon as much as possible and aligning with your organisational culture.

Typically Methodology development is a pre-cursor to customised practical training for Project Managers, Sponsors and other stakeholders.

  • Keep It Simple

  • Ensure Stakeholder Engagement

  • Establish a Communications Plan

  • Focus on Adoption & Roll-Out

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Use our Knowledge & Expertise

We align your PPM Methodology & Governance Framework with industry best practice.

Our depth experience means that we know what works and we have a keen eye for keeping it simple, practical and accessible.

Read our Case Studies to learn how others have benefited from partnering with us

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  • We Work as an Extension of Your Team

  • We Work at Pace to Achieve Agreed Deliverables

  • We Advise on Best Practice

  • We Know What Works and will Keep it Practical

Customised Accredited Training for Your Organisation

We create customised training to support your defined Project, Portfolio and Work Management methodology & technology.

Courses can be combined with the APM qualifications and our own APM Accredited professional courses. Enable Project Managers, the PMO, Assurance/Audit Teams & Sponsors receive training aligned exactly to their training needs.

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Courses Include:

  • 1/2 Day Sponsor Course

  • 2 Day Project Fundamentals Qualification

  • 1 Day MS Project course

  • 1 Day LPM course

  • 2 Day PMO Practitioner Course

  • 2 Day Project Assurance Course

Learn more about our training courses

PPM, PMO & P3M3 Maturity Assessment & Benchmarking

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To achieve a new vision for Project, Portfolio and Work Management you first need to understand where you are. Our PPM, PMO & P3M3 Maturity Assessment combines the P3M3 Assessment with our in-depth data analysis & expertise.

We provide you with a unique insight into your organisational maturity. We benchmark your organisations against data from +700 organisations and, most importantly, provide practical recommendations for transformational change.

  • Assess your current PPM & PMO Maturity

  • Benchmark against +700 organisations

  • Understand current strengths & weaknesses

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