Cost Management Plugin

Escape from spreadsheets with Microsoft and the Accelerator+ Power App

A configurable grid featuring an Excel-like interface that allows you to categorise and track time phased costs whilst offering multi-currency support.

All of the data is stored securely in your Dataverse and because all the data is in one place, captured consistently, it can be rolled up and reported at any time.

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Tested with some of the biggest companies

Fully Integrated

Embedded within the Accelerator+ Power App the Resource Management plugin is also FULLY integrated with the Project for the Web (Planner Premium) schedule allowing for the assignment of generic resources against tasks.

Become an Expert to confidently run a business

Forecast with ease

Through the plugin you can view resource forecasts by role or named individual to identify potential bottlenecks or opportunities to increase efficiency.

Tested with some of the biggest companies

Assign Based on Availability

Use ‘match and replace’ functionality to swap generics for named individuals.

Become an Expert to confidently run a business

See the bigger picture

Includes a suite of Power BI dashboard reports enabling management to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

everything you need to know about maximizing your Resource Mangement