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2-Day PMO Practitioner

2-Day PMO Practitioner2020-01-16T16:25:42+00:00
APM Accredited

Course Summary

This APM Accredited course is at the core of the Wellingtone PMO Academy and it covers the complexities of the PMO world. It shines a light on the mechanics of successful PMOs with a syllabus covering everything from the PMO context to successful implementation and introduces delegates to the Wellingtone PMO Competence Framework and Maturity Model.

The PMO Practitioner course is designed for anyone who has a keen interest in PMOs, practitioners (new and existing) who are delivering, managing, implementing or transforming a PMO.

It enables PMO people to develop their skills to bring a unique and best in class PMO to the forefront of their organisation. For Practitioners, by Practitioners.

Not ready for the PMO Practitioner? Maybe start with our PMO Explorer 1 day Introductory Course.

Course Agenda & Assessment

  • The PMO Operating Environment

  • The P3 Lifecycles
  • The PMO Journey
  • The PMO People
  • The PMO Implementation Life Cycle
  • The need for PMO

  • The PMO as a Service Provider

  • The PMO Value

  • The PMO Maturity

  • The Embedding of PMO

  • The PMO & Organisational Change

The course syllabus is aligned to the Association for Project Management (APM) and Project Management Institute Bodies of Knowledge, which ensures we offer a balanced view across the many facets that relate to the project management profession.

At the end of day 2 delegates sit a 1-hour multiple choice examination.  Successful candidates are awarded an APM Accredited Certificate recognising their achievements.

Following successful Accreditation as a PMO Practitioner delegates gain access to the exclusive Wellingtone PMO Leader course.

Upcoming Courses

Middlesex University
"The course has provided me with ammunition to re-shape our PMO. Good source of references, too."
Head of Estate Projects and PMO
Middlesex University
Institute of Cancer Research
"The facilitators were fantastic. They went above and beyond their remit, providing us with a constant flow of knowledge and ideas. It felt more like a bespoke consultancy than an off-the-shelf training syllabus."
Institute of Cancer Research
"The APM is pleased to recognise Wellingtone's latest course aimed at those operating in PMOs; the first of its type in the UK. This is an excellent training course recommended for anyone wishing to develop their knowledge and competence in this important area of project management"
Rebecca Fox
Head of Commercial
Dun & Bradstreet
"A good course which helped me understand PMO and how to implement at my place of work. I have a great vision for PMO and where to go."
PMO Lead
Dun & Bradstreet
The Open University
"The Trainer provided us with an extremely informative two days in support of our continuing interest in building our PMO capability. It was greatly appreciated that they took the time in advance of our course to seek information on how best to tailor the content to our specific context in order for us to gain the most value. Highly engaging, enjoyable and thought-provoking!"
The Open University
University of Oxford
"Very informative training course. The exercises were relevant to my job role. The Presenter was excellent and extremely knowledgeable and engaging. They had great examples and stories too."
University of Oxford

Frequently Asked Questions

A certification will not prove that I am capable of running a PMO will it?2019-10-15T22:44:07+01:00

Just like having a driving license doesn’t necessarily make you a ‘good’ driver, this course ensures that those in the PMO profession are speaking the same language, working towards the same outcomes, and living the same principles. Those attending, will gain not just from the knowledge base of the course, but also from their peers.

All PMOs are different so how does this course deal with that?2019-10-15T22:44:02+01:00

This course acknowledges that there is no one answer for a PMO ‘type’, it consolidates the interpretations that are out there, and brings them together in a logical way to give delegates the broadest range of knowledge to be successful in their reality. It gives a wide perspective of the art of the possible with PMOs, and encourages critical thinking, and actionable ideas.

Can I claim this as Continuous Development Hours for APM or PMI?2019-10-15T22:49:12+01:00

The PMI will accept this course as it covers all aspects of the PMI Talent Triangle; Technical, Leadership, and Strategic Skills and is covered under “Courses from other third-party providers”. Note that requirements vary depending on your PMI certification level.

The APM will accept this course also as their CPD programme requires more than one 35 hrs within each 12 months. As long as it is related to the project profession and in line with your role, you can use the opportunity to reflect on your learning when submitting your CPD statement.

The PMO Practitioner course is aligned to both PMI and APM Body of Knowledge publications.

How practical is the course? How much of it is theory based?2019-10-15T22:48:57+01:00

The course is supported by theoretical grounds to provide the widest view of the industry possible. However, there are practical exercises throughout the two days including simulation, group and individual work, and discussion to ensure we accommodate different learning styles.

How will I be assessed?2019-10-15T22:49:04+01:00

We have developed a one-hour multiple choice assessment that is created from a randomly selected set of questions. These are scored by the training team, and a certificate is issued –
Pass rate: 60%
Distinction: over 80%

I’ve been in the PMO ‘game’ for a while, would this certification be good for me?2019-10-15T22:42:51+01:00

Yes, the course includes new and emerging, exciting content that covers not just the operational side of PMOs, but how you can improve your existing models, engagement, and people through an introduction to the Wellingtone PMO Maturity Model, PMO Principles and PMO Competence Framework.

Is PMO a Profession?2019-10-15T22:40:44+01:00

This question came up during our pilot course and generated a lot of discussion! The Oxford Dictionary definition of a profession is “a paid occupation that requires prolonged training, and a formal qualification”. When we add the complexity of the world of PMO, including the need for a specialist skillset, we came to the conclusion that it is in fact a PMO, albeit an emerging one, and up until now had little in terms of formal training.

Why do we need a PMO Course?2019-10-15T22:32:42+01:00

Existing PMO qualifications are founded in knowledge-based assessments only. Given that most PMOs are involved in some sort of advice function, there is the expectation that someone with an appropriate qualification is ensuring that the advice they are given is sound and well founded. Thus, having a competencies-based assessment – similar to what currently happens with IPMA certifications –  provides a more relevant mechanism for assessing the suitability of an individual for a PMO role in line with the above and helps to define the career path for PMOs as well as to strengthen the notion of PMO as a profession.

Case Studies

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