There are two types of data refresh in Power BI; the Scheduled Refresh and the on-demand refresh by selecting Refresh Now in the Dataset menu. There are a few things to note when attempting a refresh, both scheduled or on-demand.

Microsoft Power BI - Data Refresh Options

Microsoft Power BI – Data Refresh Options

Schedule Refresh

Power BI Dataset Ownership

Currently, only the dataset owner can schedule a refresh.

If other users need to schedule a refresh, they will need to take ownership of the Dataset using the Take Over button on the Scheduled Refresh screen.

Microsoft Power BI – Settings for Scheduled Refresh

It needs to be noted that the user who has taken over will continue to remain the owner of the dataset and the process will need to be repeated by anyone else who wants to configure the refresh schedule (including the previous owner).

Once the dataset is under the relevant ownership, the refresh schedule can be configured.

Expand the Scheduled refresh section to define the frequency and time slots to refresh the dataset.

Refresh Now

Unlike the scheduled refresh, users will not need to be the dataset owner to perform an on-demand refresh. Any member of the workspace, with following roles, will see the Refresh Now option in the Dataset menu: Admin, Member or Contributor. The Refresh Now option is not available for the Viewer role.

Data Refresh Limits

Based on the type of Power BI capacity in use:

  1. Power BI limits datasets on shared capacity to eight daily refreshes.
  2. If the dataset resides on a Premium capacity, you can schedule up to 48 refreshes per day in the dataset settings.

If users want to refresh the data sooner, they can perform an on-demand refresh by using the Refresh Now option in the dataset menu. On-demand refreshes are not included in the refresh limitation and do not affect the next scheduled refresh time.

Note: Users will see a separate ‘Refresh’ option under the ellipses on the top action bar in the report pages. This just refreshes the report based on the data that has already been synced.

Refresh option in Microsoft Power BI

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