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We are very proud to share that one of our valued clients, Dyson recently won ‘PMO of the Year’ 2019 at the PMI National Awards.

The Award ceremony took place on 14th November 2019 in London. It recognises and celebrates the projects, individuals and teams that have excelled within the project management profession.

We spoke to Bobby Binns, Global Head of PMO at Dyson to ask him some questions about his award-winning PMO team!

Dyson is PMO of the Year 2019

Q&A with Dyson

Give us a short overview of your PMO journey this past year

Over the last year the PMO team delivered a huge transformation programme to completely redesign our PMO Operating Model.

We named this Transformation Programme ‘Saturn’ after the Saturn V rocket that carried Neil Armstrong and the other NASA astronauts to the moon.

The scope of Programme Saturn was a complete, end-to-end overhaul of our PMO Operating Model and then the global deployment of these new capabilities across Dyson’s global locations.

We then engaged with a Gartner Top Quadrant PPM Tool provider to configure our new processes and capabilities into a PPM Tool, which we then implemented.

We had to design a brand new Business Change framework specifically for this implementation, due to the fact that it had never been done at Dyson before.

So, it’s been a pretty full on year!

What makes your PMO unique?

We have a relentless focus on Transformation.

We aren’t content to simply accept the status quo.

We constantly ask ourselves why something operates the way it does and can we make it better.

How have the rest of the business reacted to the changes you proposed?

Really well! There was some initial scepticism about the scope and pace of the change that we wanted to deliver.

However, this challenge only motivated us to achieve even more than we had originally committed to.

Why did you nominate your team for an award?

The PMI is the gold standard for Project Management – both in the UK and globally.

We wanted to put ourselves to the test and see whether we had really achieved an industry leading PMO capability when we were assessed against the best of our peers across the UK.

How does it feel to you and your team to have your hard work validated by a global Association?

It hasn’t completely sunk in yet to be honest. The team have put in a huge amount of work to get to this point so to have their efforts recognised by an association with as much prestige as the PMI is fantastic.

What’s next for your PMO?

Winning this PMO of the Year 2019 Award is just the beginning.

It has validated our proof of concept and shown what a fantastic transformation skill set the team has.

I’d like us to develop and even improve even more next year.

The dream is to design and implement an end-to-end global change management framework across Dyson. One that ensures that we scope, build and implement change consistently and that this change lands right, first time.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of PMO advice, what would it be?

Don’t forget to take the time to celebrate early successes.

Often in a big, long term transformation we are so fixed on the ultimate end goal that we forget to stop and celebrate the little successes that we achieve on that journey.

They can be just as important and meaningful as the end result.

Wellingtone Worked With Dyson to Deliver PMO Training & Consultancy

Bobby Binns recognised the opportunity to deliver a cultural transformation within the IT PMO and beyond. The vision was to promote values of mutual trust and responsibility, empowering the PMO to play a more strategic, outward-looking role in the business. With Wellingtone as the training partner of choice, the results of Bobby’s innovative approach to PMO change management have been rapid and profound, as he explains.

“Wellingtone are not your usual PMO training partner. They’re forward-thinking and innovative. They don’t just deliver training – they provide all kinds of extra value. They gave us the inspiration not just to replicate, but to innovate and make things better, just as Dyson does every day for our customers.”

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton who is Director of Consulting Services at Wellingtone worked closely with Bobby Binns and his team to deliver a tailored APM Accredited PMO Practitioner course and consultancy. She talks about why they deserved to win below.

“Getting discipline into an organisation that is focused on engineering or innovation is no mean feat for anyone. However, in a company like Dyson where the values encourage people to think differently from the norm, what the team have achieved is nothing short of miraculous. This, and the ninja like focus on the people aspect of change instead of the mechanics, is the reason why this award is deserved. The PMI validating the approach taken by the team reflects not just the hard work, but the important way that our industry is changing to make sure our PMOs enable capability across communities.”

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