What are PDUs?

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are one-hour blocks of time you spend learning, teaching others, or volunteering in the project management industry.

PDUs help learners maintain their PMI certification status with a variety of courses and events that have been ratified by PMI as aligned to the PMI Talent Triangle.

The PMI Talent Triangle alignment ensures that courses or events provide the learner additional skills in the following categories.

Ways of working diagram, with circles, squares and arrows to demonstrate.

Ways of working

Side view of a head with a brain in.

Power Skills

A scroll with a map that has a path between trees.

Business Acumen

This means that the course or event is reviewed for its completeness, quality, content, and delivery approach and is also balanced correctly across these three (3) skill areas.

To renew a PMI Certification, a certain number of units must be collected, broken down into education, and given back every three (3) years.

Why do you need to maintain your PMI PMP certification?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the steward of the PMP, the most prolific project management qualification worldwide. To retain the PMP, learners must demonstrate a continued interest and aptitude for the industry through Continuous Professional Development.

The PMI website tells us:

  • Earning your certification is a big step—maintaining it shouldn’t be.
  • Our Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program is designed to help you develop in-demand skills and easily maintain your certification status.
  • You must earn a certain number of PDUs every 3 years to maintain our certifications.

How does this relate to the Wellingtone Academy?

The Wellingtone Academy courses are aligned and accredited with the Association for Project Management (APM) and, in some cases, the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

The accreditation process is similar in that the courses are independently assessed for completeness, content, relevancy, delivery approach, and newness to the industry. These accreditations mean that the Wellingtone Academy courses are considered amongst the best by these Associations.

As part of their journey, Wellingtone learners had to provide content information to determine the levels of units across the different skill areas in order to log their CPUs with the PMI. This was not an easy process, with lots of clicks required!

To simplify this, we have always aligned our courses with the PMI Body of Knowledge (PMI) for completeness without an official PMI stamp of approval.

So, the next logical step is to take the same courses and put them through the PMI lens.

To do this, Wellingtone needed to be reviewed as an organisation by the PMI to become an Authorised Training Provider, a course suite that aligns with the PMI principles and values.

We are proud to announce that we have received this important accolade as of April 2024.

What is a PMI authorised training partner?

The PMI Website describes the Authorised Training Partner programme as a tailored learning journey that provides you with the seal of excellence, expert guidance, and exam support.

PMI Seal of Excellence logo on top of PMI books.

Seal of Excellence

PMI Authorised Training Partners are more than just trainers—they’re your guides on project management mastery. With their seal, you know you’re receiving training that aligns with the latest PMI Global Standards.

Two women looking at PMI books on a shelf.

Expert Guidance

PMI instructors are well-versed in their skills and teaching methodologies and hold PMI certifications such as the PMP®. They’re multilingual maestros, ready to guide you in numerous languages.

Certification Exam Prep

Gear up for the CAPM®, PMP®, PMI-CP, or DA® certification exams with our specialised courses. Keep your certifications fresh and relevant by earning PDUs through partners.

What makes the Wellingtone Academy unique?

The Wellingtone Academy is the only global organisation that has been and continues to be independently assessed and verified by three official project management associations worldwide.

Wellingtone Academy training courses have three stamps of approval.

APM Professional Course Accreditation Logo

How do you earn PMI PDU points?

Earning PDUs with project management training courses

Our courses are available on the PMI website under the PDU course section. Once you select them from there, your PDUs will be preloaded so you can decide on your best learning journey and be informed of how the PDUs will support your learning pathway.

When you complete the course, the PDUs will be automatically applied to your PMI development account so you can see your units accruing.

 Earning PDUs with project management events

Some of our Wellingtone Community events also count towards your PDUs and can provide units for you to log. When we organise an appropriate course, these will also be made available on the PMI website so that you can select them.

You will receive a PDU code once you have registered and attended (fully) the event. If you access our events through our online LinkedIn Community or our website, it will be clear which events apply to PDU and which are not.

Will the PMI PMP become part of the Wellingtone Academy catalogue?

We are currently looking at the options for our trainers to deliver the PMP. For now, we are keeping busy with our current catalogue. But keep your eyes peeled for news on our catalogue expanding to include this in the future.

Do you deliver the PMI PMP certification?

We are currently looking at the options for our trainers to deliver the PMP. For now, we are keeping busy with our current catalogue. But keep your eyes peeled for news on our catalogue expanding to include this in the future.

Learn more about our training courses

We offer a range of project management training courses available for you to earn PMI PDU points to support your learning pathway for the PMI PMP.

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