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About the FuturePMO Conference

The FuturePMO conference is a unique, fun, informative, inspiring, and friendly 1-day PMO event for practitioners at all levels. The conference brings together amazing speakers from across the industry to challenge your PMO and PPM thinking, helping you work smarter.

FuturePMO is part of Wellingtone and is just one way we engage the PMO and project community. FuturePMO includes this unique 1-day conference, our FuturePMO Tech Summits with Microsoft, and our regular Wellingtone Community Events.

The FuturePMO conference is in its eighth year, bringing together more than +250 PMO & project professionals worldwide. Every year, we wrap the conference around a fun theme. Historically, we have been back to the future, fought with lightsabres, polished an Aston Martin DB7, took our guests to their next frontier, and even had an F1 car on display (with security).

The 2024 theme will bring to light the #PMOWizards and the fantastic things they have achieved in their organisations to inspire others to do similar things.

Join us to learn, share & grow.