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WEBINAR | I Work In Agile Projects

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About Webinar

Nowadays we are seeing an invasion of agile things, everything is agile, from agile methods to practices to functions to projects…

And although in some cases the definition might work, in some others it is redundant itself.

A Project is a temporary endeavour of effort to deliver a product, and as such it is uncertain, however, the level of uncertainty varies from one to another and as such flexibility and adaptability are part of all projects.

In this conference, we will uncover the paradigms around agility and the misinterpretations of the values and principles that may have some people say “I work in agile Projects” as an exclusive thing.

FuturePMO Academy Learning Week

This webinar is part of the FuturePMO Academy Learning week; a weeklong learning event for PMO people. The Wellingtone PMO Academy supports your journey through the PMO career ladder which is aligned to the Wellingtone Competence Framework. It provides a mixture of core training classes, masterclasses as well as some online events hosted by a variety of industry-leading speakers.

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