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WEBINAR | Principles of Successful Change Management

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Have you ever looked at the wealth of information and literature on the topic of change management and thought “I wish this could be boiled down to the key principles that will make my change a success?” Well… look no further – in this webinar our senior training consultant Karin Maule will take you through the key principles that underpin your change success. You will learn the building blocks that will give your change a strong foundation.

This webinar is for anyone involved with managing change, whether large change initiatives or “smaller” (but still very important!) project handover and transition efforts.

What will I learn in this webinar?

  • What change management is
  • Key principles for change success
  • Building blocks to give your change a strong foundation

Who is this webinar for?

  • Anyone involved in change management
  • Anyone looking to learn more about change management
  • PMO Professionals
  • Project Professionals

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