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WEBINAR | The Real Challenge in Agile Change Management: Tips and Experience (In Spanish)

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About Webinar

Agile culture and frameworks are something well-known today and in-demand, especially in medium or large organisations. The real challenge is the complexity that change management can entail, from a traditional culture to an Agile one. Based on Javier’s experience, we will review and share tips and good practices on change management applied to Agility.

La cultura y los frameworks Ágiles son hoy algo bastante conocido y demandado. Pero, sobre todo en organizaciones medianas o grandes, el verdadero reto que tenemos en la actualidad viene de la complejidad que puede llegar a suponer gestionar el cambio, desde una cultura tradicional a una Ágil. En base a la experiencia del autor, repasaremos y compartiremos consejos y buenas prácticas sobre gestión del cambio aplicada a Agilidad.

About Speaker

Javier Garzás

Agile Coach, an expert in Agile management and Agile teams, whose first Agile project was in 2001.

He actively collaborates with the company and community 233 grados de TI and, in addition, He is a tenured professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University (one of the leading universities in Madrid).

He has published 4 books on Agility and more than 100 articles on Information Technology.

He is also the author of the first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in Spanish on Agility, on the MIRIADA X platform (Banco Santander and Telefónica Móviles), through which more than 25,000 participants have passed to date.

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