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What does the ‘future-ready PMO’ mean, and how do we work towards it when our future is now? 

The webinar to explore this topic was held collaboratively between Wellingtone and the PMI UK chapter on June 3rd. 

Of the 194 participants, 13% were located outside of the UK, and everyone interacted with the webinar by answering some key questions throughout the session.

This article will expand on some of those questions and provide insights into the future-ready PMO.

An interesting insight relates to the level of acceptance of PMOs experience as value-adding business partners.

The Rise of PMOs Who Are Respected as a Key Business Function

As we can see, most PMOs feel that they are mostly supported but have some non-believers of the concept or role of the PMO. We are however, starting to see the rise of PMOs who are respected as a key business function which makes us at Wellingtone very happy!

Different Areas of Innovation That Exist in PMOsWhen determining innovation in PMO, it is necessary to consider the different areas of innovation that exist – the participants of the webinar identified a huge amount!

When it comes to innovation considerations for PMOs, we tend to disseminate the opportunities into some key categories in order to develop realistic roadmaps:

  • Community
  • Capability
  • Governance
  • Standards
  • Network

When asked to reflect on their own journey and what they would do following the concepts discussed on the webinar, it was possible to see the alignment between the areas of innovation and the ideas that hit home in terms of participants wanting to take action.

Lots of people identified the need for increasing collaboration and engagement both in the innovation areas and the reflective practice.

This is especially important now that teams are working remotely. PMO teams need to take more time to engage with remote workers (often allowing interruptions.).

From a PMO value perspective, remote engagement is more difficult as teams are not sitting together in a room, so it is hard to ‘read that room’ and adapt styles to the audience. But, if done well, and in an imaginative way, the PMO can be seen as a great integrator, bringing people, information, and knowledge together.

Learn more about the Wellingtone PMO Principle of PMO as Integrators.

The next topic that was mentioned in both the innovation areas and reflective practice was adding more pragmatism to standards, governance, and assurance.

Assuring that we are delivering the right projects and programmes, and delivering them in the right way is a key factor of most PMOs that exist.

Now that there is a lot less consistency in logistical ways of working, identification of the areas where we can apply a bit of pragmatism, and also common sense (!) to how we govern and assure our projects is sorely needed.

Learn more about the PMO Hierarchy of Needs.

The need for more reflective practice before starting to transform our existing ways of working is imperative, teams are already fatigued from the change in circumstances, digitalisation, and home-work blurring.

Yes, it is important to familiarise ourselves with more methods (and their principles) to really be able to support our organisations in the future, but taking stock before we do so of the pain points, the challenges that will persist over the coming months, and the needs of the PMO Customers has got to be the first step.

Learn more about Project Management Bricolage.

Participants noted that education is a really important part of developing (a) or transforming a PMO. Historically organisations tended to encourage on the job training without any formal support.

This approach needs to change with the introduction and update of online learning; organisations need to focus more on training concepts such as Project Based Learning, enabling their teams to learn from professionals but with coaching and mentoring to support their ongoing journey.

Learn about how Wellingtone is revolutionising PMO Learning.

During the webinar, we saw some key themes which you can see above. Over the coming weeks, we will be continuing this analysis and adding some substance to the trends that are emerging for PMO.

For now, you can watch the webinar back HERE, complete your PMO MOT, and remember you are#HumanFirst, PMO second.

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By: Emma Arnaz-Pemberton

Emma Arnaz-Pemberton
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Published: 23 June 2020

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