Wellingtone is an Axelos accredited consulting partner meaning that we can be officially instructed to undertake P3M3 maturity assessments.

The Axelos website explains more about this concept which enables them to quality assure the assessments that take place and ratify results.

Why choose Wellingtone?

Wellingtone is unique in the marketplace. Not only do we have depth across the PPM spectrum, but we are also the only Microsoft Gold partner that is accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM); the Chartered Body for the PPM profession in the UK.

This accreditation is supported by several courses we have developed that have been independently accredited by the APM as well as IPMA (the International Project Management Association; the parent of the APM).

We are also unusual in the approaches that we take to building positive and long-term relationships with our clients. We work side by side to ensure a step-change in your maturity.

What you need to know

DAS Ltd — Accredited Axelos Consulting Partner & P3M3 Assessor

As an AXELOS consulting partner, our services are assured by Axelos and an industry code of conduct

Qualified Assessors
Our qualified assessors are individually licensed by AXELOS Limited

Detailed Maturity Assessment Report
Our Maturity Assessment report includes a detailed assessment of each perspective including an individual score, thread analysis, highlights, recommendations, and more. The report, once finalised, is printed, bound, and provided in hard copy and electronically to support every Clients’ individual needs.

Our differentiators

Forward-Thinking Insights
Where appropriate, our recommendations are based on a combination of traditional best practice, and emerging ways of working that could benefit your organisation and provide you with a competitive advantage

Industry Knowledge
Our qualified assessors have extensive roots in the PPM industry worldwide and bring with them a wealth of independent experience and perspectives

Industry benchmarking
We will benchmark your results with our Wellingtone survey and client maturity data* to provide a view on how you are performing against other organisations in your industry, and can even organise a knowledge sharing session**

PMO Perspective
We overlay the Wellingtone PMO maturity assessment onto your P3M3 assessment to provide the only PMO maturity view available in the industry

Human Approach
We understand that this is not at the top of everyone’s agenda, so our practical process uses a blend of direct and indirect work, reducing the amount of time your employees need to spend with us

*All Wellingtone survey and Client maturity data is anonymised prior to use

**Where appropriate and agreed with both parties through a mutual non-disclosure agreement

How Wellingtone supports the Maturity Journey

Wellingtone supports your maturity journey utilising a variety of service options that have been designed to satisfy the needs of each organisation regardless of the starting point.

Wellingtone PPM & PMO Maturity Assessment Full Diagnostic P3M3 Assessment P3M3 Annual MOT Roadmap Extension
A solid starting point for less mature organisations that provides a non-accredited* view on PPM & PMO maturity, insights, and recommendations across 15 value enablers, as well as a lightweight roadmap. Typically used to prepare the organisation and identify quick wins prior to a more robust P3M3 assessment taking place. A full review of organisational capability certified by AXELOS providing recommendations, a roadmap with key milestones, and is used as the base to improve and/or promote capabilities. This assessment utilises AXELOS Intellectual Property and is only available through an Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP). Wellingtone recommends that the Full Diagnostic P3M3 Assessment is completed every two years. As part of our P3M3 Annual MOT service, Wellingtone will undertake a dip-check assessment to provide progress against the programme roadmap and blueprint. This additional module supports the creation of a detailed roadmap and blueprint for the next 18 months to provide a clear path to maturity that you can resource effectively and report progress against.

Our Maturity Assessment Process

The Wellingtone approach to maturity assessments is designed to be transparent to ensure that there are no surprises and considers and considers that organisations need to continue with running the business.

Review Ask Analyse Affirm
Review of a selected suite of projects, including assessment of project documents and, analyse how they compare to defined PPM methodology, guidance & templates Interviews with PMO personnel, Project Managers, Programme Managers, and other key stakeholders to understand each perspective Wellingtone consultant completes analysis & prepares PPM/PMO Assessment Report

A draft report is presented & recommendations discussed with Senior Leaders

Wellingtone consultant feeds input from Senior Leaders on organisational aspirations into the report before finalising and preparing for developing a roadmap

To find out more about our services, including our transparent prices download our P3M3 Brochure or get in touch directly and speak to one of our Qualified Assessors.