Following on from the previous articles The Future PMO Tool is not Excel & Increasing Visibility into Project Performance With Project Online, let’s continue to understand how you could continue to work smarter with Microsoft Project Online to improve your approach to Resource Management.

I have highlighted the pains associated with poor resource management previously so I won’t repeat what I’ve said previously, however I will state that this still remains one of the biggest challenges for many organisations. The State of Project Management Annual Survey 2018 found that only 22% of organisations were using an appropriate resource management solution, the tool of choice primarily being Microsoft Excel.

Using Microsoft Excel to track and manage resources, whilst ensuring that the utilisation is aligned with a multitude of ever-changing schedules is quite painful and doesn’t allow you to perform what-if scenarios or accurately assess demand vs capacity in an efficient manner.

Microsoft PPM
Since the previous resource management overview, Microsoft Project Online has evolved and now offers more resource management capability which I’ll cover in brief, you can also see the latest features in action on the resource management webinar.

Resource Engagements
Resource management processes can vary across organisations and even departments and Microsoft PPM (Project Online & Project Server 2016) can support a multitude of approaches.

The solution can either provide Project Managers with real-time resource availability and allow them to commit resources as required without the need for wider approval OR support a simple resource allocation workflow approval process.

The latter process is useful within organisations where resources may have their time scheduled by a resource manager / team lead. So in this scenario Project Managers need the ability to request resources and resource managers need visibility of the incoming requests, so that they can assess, approve or reject.

Through the Resource Engagements feature, you can ensure that that resources are being used appropriately and effectively throughout the organisation.

Resource Engagements | Improve Resource Management with Project Online

Resource Management Dashboards

Microsoft PPM through the Resource Centre and the Power BI content Pack also provides you with a number of Resource Management focused views that provide ‘real-time’ visibility. This enables you to quickly assess demand vs capacity and to see resource assignments amongst other useful insights without the need to perform any manual updates.

Resource Management Dashboard | Improve Resource Management with Project Online

You can also drill down to access detailed, individual resource level views:

resource report in power bi using project online data


Skype for Business Integration

Communicating with other resources is also simplified through Skype for Business integration. So, when questions around tasks or any other project matters arise, simply hover over a name and start an instant message or video session in Skype for Business.

Skype for Business | Improve Resource Management with Project Online

If you would like to see how Microsoft PPM can help improve resource management then please view the recent webinar we delivered HERE.

Or if you’d like to discuss how Wellingtone can support you to implement Microsoft PPM to improve your approaches to project and resource management then please don’t hesitate to contact us.