Are you thinking big about your role as a PMO leader?

Then read on more to learn more about the PMO IMPACT Summit. Before I started my PMO-focused consulting and training business, PMO Strategies, 5 years ago, I spent 15 years as an employee “on the inside” building, running, and rescuing PMOs for companies. I know just how hard it can be to not just survive but THRIVE in that role.

PMO leaders are constantly under stress to do more, give more, “be more strategic,” get the results; often with very little support or the necessary resources to get the job done. Many are frustrated and confused because they think they are doing what they were established to do, but the business leaders still aren’t happy.

Many of these PMO leaders aren’t sure where their next funding will come from or if they are going to end up on the chopping block during budget season. It’s a high-stress environment that keeps PMO leaders in constant survival mode instead of thriving, growing, and evolving to meet business needs.

Just read any study on the success rates of PMOs and you will see that the average PMO only lasts a couple of years and doesn’t always achieve the business value intended. Business leaders are frustrated, PMO leaders are frustrated, and the projects either aren’t getting done or are getting done at high cost in time and money, while still not achieving the intended business benefits in a way that made it all “worth it.”

It’s a pretty grim story, but fortunately, it’s only part of the story. When you look at the PMOs that are succeeding, there are consistent themes throughout the industry and across the globe.

Does it take work? Yes, but it’s very doable!

PMO leaders have a unique opportunity to shape the future of their organizations by creating a purposeful focus on the IMPACT the PMO and projects are generating for the organization.

So, what’s the secret to creating a high-IMPACT PMO?

The secret is that it starts with us, PMO leaders. We must shift our mindset regarding how we think about projects, how we think about the PMO, and how we think about the PMO’s role.

PMOs must drive higher focus on outcomes and IMPACTs, create greater throughput across the portfolio, get away from being just a cost and control function, stop focusing on how many templates and steps we can add to the process, and start driving higher ROI for every project, every time. You do that, and you will have no worries about simply surviving.

So how do you do this?

Over the last twenty years, I’ve discovered approaches that I know work, and I have invited my colleagues from around the globe to share their knowledge and experience with you, to help you think big about your role as a PMO leader. We’ve discovered mindset shifts, techniques, and best practices that we know will help you build and run a high-IMPACT PMO that your business leaders are craving.

It’s time to expose our best-kept secrets so all PMO leaders can benefit!

Together, we want to ensure that every PMO leader is positioned to THRIVE and help business leaders understand and value the contributions the PMO can make to enable strategy realization for any organization. We want you to know that you are not alone on this journey and there are very powerful ways to succeed without losing your sanity.

Top Industry Experts at the PMO IMPACT Summit are ready to teach you:

  • The Investment PMO Mindset
  • Measuring and Increasing Project Business Value ROI
  • Evolution of PMO Leadership
  • The Future of PMOs
  • The IMPACT PMO Leader Mindset
  • The Executive Perspective on PMOs
  • Value Proposition of the PMO
  • Delivering Business Success through PMO driven PPM
  • Business Driven PMO Setup and Management
  • Adding PMO Value Through Strategies and Competencies
  • Powerful Portfolio Improvement Techniques
  • PMO Career Opportunities for Women
  • Implementing PMO Practices in Skeptical Organizations
  • Risk as a Motivational Practice
  • How to Make the Best Decisions with your PMO and Projects
  • How to Achieve Best Practice PMO Value
  • How to Properly Shut Down a PMO
  • And more!

Learn more about the PMO IMPACT Summit HERE.