Microsoft Project for the web the new Project introduced a new modern experience back in 2019 and continues to evolve and ingrained within the wider Microsoft 365 platform. Furthermore, the roadmap is ever evolving and promises a raft of enhancements that will introduce some much-requested functionality. So here are the top ‘rolling out’ and ‘in development’ features. 

1. Microsoft Project: Additional Timeline Zoom options 

Sometimes don’t you wish you could see the bigger picture from a project perspective? Soon Microsoft will be introducing four new options to the zoom feature in the Timeline view, this will enable you to see your long-term projects at 18 months and 2, 3, and 6 years. 

You can read about this feature announcement here. 

2. Microsoft Project: Viva Goals OKRs Integration 

We recently published an article, highlighting OKRs and Goals in Project for the web, currently it’s possible to set Goals within Project itself, but soon you’ll be able to connect Viva Goals OKRs with Project. As Project tasks and milestones are completed, the connected OKRs and projects will reflect the latest status making them visible to the interested stakeholders. 

You can read about this feature announcement here. 

3. Microsoft Project: Access custom environment projects in Teams 

Currently within Teams, users can only use the Project app to connect projects that are created in the default org; however, many organisations prefer to create custom / named environments which is better from a security perspective. The good news is that soon, you’ll be able to add Custom environment projects in your Teams channel. 

You can read about this feature announcement here. 

4. Microsoft Project: Assigned to Me view for Project tasks 

A long-awaited feature has been access to a centralised view that shows users all of their assigned work in one place. Soon, Team Members will be able to view and update (i.e. mark as complete & progress) all the tasks assigned to them across projects in one place – Assigned to Me view. This view appears in the app of their choice – Planner, Tasks in Teams, or ToDo. 

You can read about this feature announcement here. 

5. Microsoft Project: Email notifications for late project tasks 

Another anticipated feature was a simple notification when tasks are falling behind. Task assignees will now get notifications for late Project Tasks via email. 

You can read about this feature announcement here. 

6. Microsoft Project: Task History 

From an auditing perspective it’s great to be able to see what changes have been made historically, with this incoming feature you’ll be able to review the history of activities for a given task to track the changes in the project. 

You can read about this feature announcement here. 

The Future Microsoft Roadmap 

Based on the meetings we have had with the Microsoft Project Product Team we are thrilled by the items that have been publicly announced as well as those that are still under wraps. 

As members of the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) we get early visibility of new features, so if you are not already subscribed to our PPM Intelligence newsletter please sign-up as we’ll be pushing out regular updates on the future roadmap of Microsoft Project for The Web as and when we receive them. 

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By: Baz Khinda

Baz Khinda
Commercial Director, BA, MBS, MCTS, CertBusM, PRINCE2, Microsoft P-SSP (Partner Solution Sales professional)

Published: 29 June 2023

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