A bit of care and understanding of your Microsoft Project Cache

For users who move between networks at work (Ethernet to WiFi to home networks), problems with the Project Cache is something always waiting to happen.

To ensure the cache works seamlessly

1. Ensure the Project Save > Publish > Check In processes are 100% complete or successful before moving between networks. You can see this in the Status bar of Project Professional/Project 2016.



2. The Cache location by default is setup to use a folder on the roaming profile. This can be changed to a local folder on the user’s machine so that the cache folder is not network dependent. The Cache location can be changed from Project Professional/Project 2016 > File > Options > Save

Are your Resources showing no capacity?

  • From your Resource Centre, you can select a Resource and look at the Resource Utilisation which will show the Resource Capacity.
  • It could come as a surprise when the Capacity shows no value.



  • One of the reasons could be the little used ‘Team Assignment Pool’ property in the User’s profile. Enabling this makes the user a Team Resource and the Capacity is looked at as a Team than as an individual.


Next time the Resource Utilisation does not show Capacity, you know where to check.

By Peter Amalrajan – Head of PPM Support