If you’d just familiarised yourself with all of the Microsoft PPM licenses, i.e. Project Lite, Project Online, Project Online with Project for Office 365.

it’s time for you to dust off the neutraliser (memory eraser) and acquaint yourself with the newly announced Project SKUs(Stock Keeping Unit) from Microsoft.

You may be wondering why the SKU’s have changed?

It’s primarily an effort by Microsoft to streamline the subscription plans and to provide better plan differentiation and clarity.

From our perspective, this refresh does just that!

The newly available plans comprise of:

  • Project Online Essentials
  • Project Online Professional
  • Project Online Premium

How are the new plans different? What are the included capabilities?

In the table below you can see indicative pricing along with an overview of the capabilities across the different plans.

Microsoft SKUs - Office 365 Project Online Essentials - Professional - Premium - 2016

How does this change affect new and existing customers?

This refresh will affect both new and existing customers. From August 1st, 2016, you can only subscribe to the new plans.

For existing customer agreements, there is no change during the term of an agreement. Upon renewal of the current agreement, customers will be able to transition to the new plans.

  • For agreements expiring on or before December 31st, 2016, customers will have the option to renew/keep their current plans for one more term.
  • For agreements expiring after December 31st, 2016, customers will need to move to the new plans on renewal.

Promos for the new plans

As part of the launch, Microsoft is offering 15% off Project Online Professional if you get a minimum of 50 seats.

Act fast as this offer expires on 31/12/2016.

Next Steps

Click here to view a detailed Project Online service description

If you’d like to discuss Project Online further, then please contact us.