Learning strategies are taking hold as part of team and individual development. This is an important step for PMOs because, in recent years, there was no PMO path for practitioners to take that included clear and appropriate learning and sharing opportunities.

The Wellingtone PMO Academy (and the wider Wellingtone Academy) was founded in 2017 with one mission – to bring the disciplines that exist within the PMO industry to the forefront, with a constant focus on emerging trends in the industry. It was designed for practitioners by practitioners to give them the missing pieces of their PMO career path, regardless of where they were starting from or what part of the journey they happened to be on.

Wellingtone PMO Academy Growth

Since its inception, the Wellingtone PMO Academy has grown from strength, supported with a variety of courses across a number of specialisms in the wider Wellingtone Academy, as well as updates to the core courses to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and continue to be a valuable tool, independently assessed by more than one of the global associations for project management.

Interest has continued to grow in the PMO concept in all of its forms, and several other courses have popped up on the marketplace for PMO professionals, so it is important to address some of the common queries to make the value of the Wellingtone PMO Academy journey clear and support individuals with building their learning strategy and including Wellingtone in it.

PMO Academy Courses VS others

Comparison between courses is not always the fair thing to do when identifying training, as often we are not comparing courses of the same nature, even though the core subject matter might be the same.

For those working in PMO, it will have become clear some time ago that no PMO is the same. So, when frameworks dictate what needs to be done by when and by whom and provide some stereotypes based on the size and spending of a PMO, we believe this can add risk and trigger the age-old problem of “we set up the wrong type of PMO”.

The Wellingtone Academy courses are instead designed to be holistic. This means that we consider the other frameworks that are out there, and we call out where practitioners should be careful when adopting generic approaches without first considering factors such as organisational culture, the case for change, maturity, and expectation of the PMO.

It is important, therefore, to identify the type of content your learners (or you) need to reach the next level of maturity in your PMO practice, ensuring that you select the most appropriate course for your reality.

What Practical Skills Will You Take Away?

Many courses are designed around the assessment exam at the end. Most PMO and PPM professionals have experienced a course of this type and found that it is particularly difficult to pinpoint areas for practical change on return to work.

As part of our mission to bring the disciplines of PMO to the forefront, our trainers and course developers ensure that during the learning experience, the delegates create real artefacts that they can use immediately upon returning to the office.

Sometimes, this is a tool or document that they can implement straight away. In others, the bones of a conversation must occur with the PMO Sponsor or the team. And in some cases, they leave with a tool that they can simply and easily apply to their day job (uncontrolled, no PDF, no passwords, no coding to crack).

In summary, the courses are designed not only to pass an exam but to drive internal conversation and change, inspiring through group and individual work and creating a peer-to-peer network that can elevate the PMO practice once individuals leave the classroom.

Role Specificity

Some organisations have chosen to develop role-specific training to encourage individuals to join and continue to spend the precious budget every time their role changes vertically or laterally.

From a role perspective, Wellingtone only differentiates when it comes to Leadership because although the roles might be different, according to ‘the book,’ the reality is that in most PMOs, people wear various hats at any one time. Individuals may have the role of ‘Administrator written on their contract, but they likely spend time each day supporting project managers with their queries (officer) or reviewing data for governance boards (analyst).

Because the role of the PMO team is so varied (day by day, hour by hour), it seems counterintuitive to provide individuals with limited training based on their current role and not give them the tools to develop towards their future. This actually leads directly to individuals falling foul of the Peter Principle. Where people are promoted based on their current output not what they can achieve, leading them to be promoted to their level of incompetence.

With that in mind, the Wellingtone PMO Academy acknowledges that there are many other courses out there that will provide a generic introduction to being an administrator or how to analyse data, so instead, we allow learners to focus on their complete journey, allowing freedom and flexibility but importantly giving the foundations to becoming a successful PMO practitioner and leader.

The Wellingtone PMO Academy path can take professionals from a complete novice with the right among of PMO knowledge at each time. Our specialism courses then add nuance to the specific individual and their current role.

Wellingtone Academy Career Path


One of the pillars of good training is how it continues to adapt to accommodate those who require reasonable adjustments.

The Wellingtone team have reviewed its training content to provide a positive and balanced experience for everyone attending its courses. Material has been reviewed in light of the typical characteristics of modern learners, and adjustments have been made to keep the material professional and dynamic and cater for reasonable requests.

This includes the physical material, which has been reviewed to provide a clean experience for all learners, and our online LMS and assessment practice, which takes a #HumanFirst approach and does not require several layers of governance to make a change.


Our courses have been independently assessed for quality, content, newness, relevance, and scope to guarantee high quality.

PMO Leader Agile Project Management Change Management APM PMQ
It is not exam-based. We work with our leaders to deliver change into their organisation with two months of mentoring instead of an exam, providing Project Based Learning and a visible return on investment for the organisation. It is experience-based. We deliver this course as a set of sprints to ensure that learners don’t just get to know the terminology of Agile approaches but also experience what it is like to work in that kind of environment. It is lifecycle-based. Throughout the course, all the exercises completed by the learner create a change management plan that they can directly implement to influence their current projects. It is feedback-based. Even our APM PMQ course ensures that learners are ready to take the APM exam by applying three practice assessments with real assessor-style feedback.

As you can see, Wellingtone takes learning seriously. Our course designers put themselves in the shoes of the learner to create a learning environment and experience that will directly impact their day job and their organisation in a positive way.

Whether it is a core PMO Academy course or one of the specialism courses.


The last piece of the puzzle in training is always continuing the conversation when back at work. It can be difficult to take the newfound inspiration and knowledge and apply it, especially following a public course where colleagues are not learning together.

Here enters the Wellingtone Community.

Founded and managed by our training and technical teams, our communities span content and languages to enable our learners (and any other interested parties) to continue to learn, share, and grow in a safe space.

As explained on our webpage, our communities exist to drive further conversation and evolution in people, including peer-to-peer questions and answers, gathering and sharing insights from around the industry, our monthly free-to-attend community events and even our conference gets involved FuturePMO.

Wellingtone Community PMO Practitioners Community PMO Community (Spain)
Open to all our clients and FuturePMO delegates; this community includes topics from across PMO, PPM, personal development and technology. Exclusively for those who have undertaken our APM Accredited PMO Practitioner training course. This community retains a laser-like focus on the PMO. Our Spanish Community provides insights, events and webinars for practitioners across Spain and South America.

Providing a safe space for individuals to continue to develop their capabilities is where the magic really happens. This is where individuals gain the confidence to change the way their organisation looks at and handles projects and where they develop the personal skills to continue to develop their career and avoid the Peter Principle.

Why not join our community and see for yourself?

PMO Academy Training Courses

The PMO Training Academy supports your journey through the PMO career ladder. Be inspired by our exclusive ground-breaking training and engage in our community of PMO practitioners. All courses are delivered by a live trainer in a virtual classroom.

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