The Wellingtone Dr PMO Clinic has been around for our PMO Practitioners to submit questions and challenges they are experiencing so that our PMO Specialists can provide some insights from our experience.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we saw and spoke to many PMOs in crisis; who were questioning their own value as working from home took hold, and projects got defunded right in front of their eyes.

Our Wellingtone view has always been crystal clear thanks to our annual research paper The State of Project Management, and the response we received to the series of webinars we have worked on concerning new ways of innovation; and that view is that NOW is the time for your PMO to come into its own and really show its worth so the organisation sees the PMO as a value-adding business partner.

According to our research, 72% of PMOs believe that the scope of the PMO is going to increase post-COVID-19 as new focus areas are highlighted for organisations such as the ability to adapt to emerging technology, the need for more frequent reporting, and the value of culture and community in our organisations.

Due to the tragic impact of COVID-19, we have had to make the decision to cancel our FuturePMO conference this year but because we are passionate about your PMO journey, as well as the week-long FuturePMO Academy Learning Event we are replacing FuturePMO with, we considered what else we could do to support you as you Reboot your PMO.

So from September the 15th, we will be offering a  FREE consultation with our PMO Specialist, Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton.

You can use this time to get some ideas on what opportunities are present in your reality, and how to lever them to get results and successfully Re-boot your PMO.

The consultation slots will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and once you book you will receive a link to our online benchmark questionnaire. This questionnaire provides some key details about your current PMO reality that Emma will be able to use to have a meaningful and structured conversation with you.

Stuck on how to re-boot your PMO following summer vacation, COVID-19 lockdown, or any other 2020 calamities? Book your FREE consultation now.

DISCLAIMER: Only valid business email addresses should register for these sessions. No Consultancies. Wellingtone reserves the right to cancel registration that do not adhere to this. 

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