If you work in the PMO space, you have probably noticed the recent explosion of interest on this topic; reflected in the increasing number of services, conferences, and certifications available in the market for PMO practitioners.

While this is fantastic news – trust me, there is a PMO revolution underway.

It is easy to feel lost and confused with so many options available, so I’ve decided to make your life easier today (yes, I’m that helpful) and share my views on two of the newest certified courses out there: the APM Accredited PMO Practitioner course vs PMO Value Ring Certified Practitioner course. First things first: both courses are exclusively provided in the UK by Wellingtone – you probably noticed already that we have ‘a thing’ for PMOs!

APM Accredited PMO Practitioner course

The PMO Practitioner course was developed entirely by Wellingtone in 2017, based on the combined and solid experience of two PMO specialists (that’s Emma and I) in running, advising, maturing, and transforming PMOs internationally.

The content has been validated and refined through a pilot course and later submitted to an independent assessment by the Association for Project Management (APM); the Chartered body for the project profession, which gave it high praises as a unique and comprehensive course for anyone working in PMOs. Wellingtone’s PMO Practitioner course is the only Accredited PMO course by the APM.

The syllabus of the PMO Practitioner course has been aligned to both the APM and the Project Management Institute (PMI)’s body of knowledge guides and represents an agnostic and pragmatic approach to the setting up and management of PMOs, being very practical and real-world based, but still supported by all the key research and theory on PMOs available out there as well as latest trends impacting the dynamics of PMOs.

The PMO Value Ring Practitioner course

The PMO Value Ring Practitioner is the prime course of the PMO Global Alliance, an international think tank and community of practice started in Brazil, which aims to foster research and implementation of better PMO practices. The course assesses the understanding of the PMO Value Ring methodology, a methodology unique in its kind in the PMO sphere since it was co-created by practitioners all around the world, in what is a clear example of collective learning and wisdom of crowds.

The PMO Value Ring methodology includes 8 steps which are supported by a purposefully created software, allowing users put the methodology into practice in a very user-friendly, easy to use, interface. How cool is that?

The methodology is therefore very prescriptive, as a recipe, and a great help if you want to deploy a PMO in a short hassle-free period of time. Think of it as PRINCE2 for PMOs.
While the Value Ring is not very well known in the UK just yet, it is going places and it has been gaining increased popularity internationally. We at Wellingtone reviewed it and loved it so much that we had to bring it to the UK!

So, you might now be wondering why two courses and which one to go for. Are they competitors? Overlapping? Not really. It is tricky to make a side by side comparison, however, if that helps in your decision, here you go:

Difference Between APM Accredited PMO Practitioner and PMO Value Ring - Wellingtone PPM

A competent and high-performing Project Manager should have different tools in his/her toolkit, and I believe the same goes for PMOs. Both the PMO Practitioner and the PMO Value Ring Practitioner courses are relevant and useful and, the most important, they complement each other very well!

Still have questions or would like to discuss in more detail? Just get in touch!