What is the difference between the PMO Practitioner and the PMO Leader course?

Since launching the APM Accredited PMO Practitioner Training Course in January 2019, the team at Wellingtone have been collating feedback on what group of Practitioners needs next to develop their career further.

One standout area is the dark arts of PMO (benefits, resource, knowledge management, etc), which no matter how mature the PMO is, still cause the organisation problems.

The other aspect that came out of our discussions addressed the style of training that is available for PMO people. Most being very prescriptive, and theory-based.

We have proof that our PMO Practitioner course is practical enough that the learnings from it can impact an organisation quickly (See case study with The Institute of Cancer Research). The PMO Leader course is designed to address these two areas whilst leveraging the success in our approach of the PMO Practitioner course.

  • It takes the topics covered in the PMO Practitioner course and takes them to the next level with a laser focus on each of the modules covered, through practical approaches that can be used back at the office.
  • It is closely aligned from the Wellingtone PMO Competence Framework through the follow-on mentoring that takes place after the training. Providing a true opportunity for project-based learning; which is a proven method to truly achieving a return on the investment in training

Delegates will leave the course with a toolkit that will enable them to put into practice what they have learned, without having to start from scratch

In short, the PMO Leader course is the more advanced level following PMO Practitioner course. It is designed to follow on from the PMO Practitioner course so that you can continue to develop skills in the PMO space through the Wellingtone PMO Academy.

What’s comes next?

We are already working on a PMO Explorer course which will be a one-day introduction to the PMO and the industry. It is designed for those new to the PMO world or looking to find out more about what it means to change or choose it as a career.

Additionally, we will support the PMO Courses with complementary skills training designed around the mechanics of PMO maturity enablers such as Communication and Presentation Skills, Advanced Planning Techniques, and Data Analytics.

This approach will allow you to pick and choose the course that are right for you and your PMO journey.

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