I have a feeling that 2024 is going to be a magical year. This can be related to the fact that our amazing FuturePMO 1-day conference will be about the Wizardly World of PMOs (got your tickets yet?) or just because I’m an optimistic person by nature, and sometimes projects and project management in general still feel like magic. It is great that we can turn dreams and ideas into reality via projects. There’s something magic about it.

It’s not sufficient to be excited about the future, though; you also need to be prepared. So, let’s delve into the emerging and developing PMO trends that will shape the industry in the enchanted year of 2024!

1) Digital Alchemy

AI, AI everywhere (ChatGPT, Grok, Co-pilot, you name it)! Wave your digital wand and behold the integration of enchanted project management tools with automation, data science, and artificial intelligence. It’s a brand-new world, and trust me, you won’t want to be left behind! AI can help PMOs take care of repetitive and mundane tasks (end-of-month reporting, anyone?), while data analytics unveils the hidden secrets of project success – your Senior Leadership Teams will love it!

2) Hybrid wizardry

For many, hybrid methodologies combining predictive/linear and adaptive/iterative delivery approaches still seem a kind of wizardry; however, more than ever, organisations require the flexibility and expertise provided by a PMO to identify what could be a suitable toolkit for the needs of projects. Adaptability is key to working in the ever-changing landscape of projects with finesse and magic.

3) PMOs as C-level material

PMOs are ascending to the rank of strategic leaders and demanding a seat at the table. No longer confined to the realms of project management, more and more PMO professionals are being asked to shape the destiny of entire magical kingdoms (by this, I mean ‘portfolios’, of course). Yes, PMO professionals are ‘C-level material’, and the resurgence of Chief Project Officers (CPO) shouldn’t surprise us.

4) Green potions of Project Management

In the enchanted year of 2024, sustainability is not just a quest; it’s the duty of any responsible professional who cares about the legacy they leave behind. In a time when climate change is a critical issue for humankind, PMOs should be ambassadors of green project management in their organisations.

5) Assurance enchantments

Year after year, we see more PMO professionals attending the APM Accredited Assurance Practitioner training course. Independent assurance by the PMO is the enchanted shield against the dark arts of project uncertainties, safeguarding projects against risks and providing confidence to stakeholders about the attainment of objectives.

6) Harnessing the power of OKRs

As a goal-setting framework, Objectives and Key Results effectively work as a spell that can bring clarity to goals and align the efforts of the project teams toward achieving extraordinary results. PMOs are being asked to introduce OKRs in projects to enhance their performance management and facilitate success. Because, sometimes, it requires a little more than magic, make no mistake!

The future is enchanted. Let’s use 2024 as an opportunity to demonstrate the magic of our PMOs!


Our 3-day engagement is a great place to start your PMO transformation journey regardless of your current position. The PMO sits at the heart of your organisational project, programme & portfolio management. Often undervalued, the PMO should have a defined remit to deliver customer value and a clear organisational identity.

FuturePMO Conference

3 Oct 2024, London

The FuturePMO conference is a 1-day PMO event for practitioners at all levels. The conference brings together amazing speakers from across the industry to challenge your PMO and PPM thinking, helping you work smarter.

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By: Marisa Silva (The Lucky PM)

Marisa Silva (The Lucky PM)
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Published: 13 December 2023

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