Are you getting the infamous ‘Access to Resource is forbidden’ error when Power BI Desktop connects to your Data Source?

Going by the error, the answer is quite obvious – It is an access issue. There are a few things to check before you ring IT support.

1. From the File tab in Power BI, click on the Options and settings on the menu

2. Select the Data Source Settings

Data Source Settings in Power BI

3. You may see multiple Data Sources based on your reports. Select the one where you are facing the ‘Access to the resource is forbidden’ error

4. Click on Clear Permissions and click Delete on the pop-up window.

Clear permissions in Power BI

5. Close the settings screen and try connecting again. You will be asked to enter credentials.

6. When the credentials are entered again, please ensure the correct account type is selected. For Project Online or SharePoint Online based connections, select ‘Organizational’.

If Anonymous is selected, you will face the same issue again.

Credentials and organisational account in Power BI