As many of the ardent fans of Power BI would have noticed, Microsoft has deployed a few upgrades to some of the Export functionalities – especially the Export to PowerPoint functionality.

Previously on PowerBI Users could go to the Export Tab and Select PowerPoint. The options for the export would be either ‘Current Values’ or ‘Default Values’ allowing the users to exclude hidden reports and export only the current page. The report is then exported as a PPX file is generated. Each report page is exported as an independent image (a static image).

Exporting Power BI Reports to PowerPoint

Export Power BI Reports to PowerPoint

Export Power BI Reports to PowerPoint

Coming to Power BI soon, there will be, we have an upgrade in the way the Export to PowerPoint works. And it’s exciting. Microsoft has called it PowerBI storytelling!

When users now go to Export >> PowerPoint, they are presented with not one but two options. Tadaa… We have ‘Embed an image’ and ‘Embed live data’

Export Power BI Reports to PowerPoint

The ‘Embed an image’ works as previously – every report page that is exported is an independent static image. The users are presented with the same options as before to use either ‘Current Values’ or ‘Default Values’ and allow them to export only the current report page and exclude hidden reports.

The ‘Embed live data’ option presents the users with the below pop-up. To be able to use it, PowerPoint will need to make use of the PowerBI add-in that can be added from the Office add-in store or it must be made available as an admin-managed add-in.

Export Power BI Reports to PowerPoint

When the Open in Powerpoint option is used, a new PowerPoint slide is opened with a PowerBI add-in connecting to the report. Or, the URL can be copied and used from the PowerBI add-in from the PowerBI slide as presented in the Microsoft article interactive image below. Users can view more details about interacting with the Power BI data in the article here.

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Peter Amalrajan
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Published: 6 July 2022

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