There are two types of data refresh in Power BI, namely the Scheduled Refresh and the Manual Refresh (referred to as ‘Refresh Now’ in the Dataset menu). There are a few things to note when attempting a refresh, both manual or scheduled.

Microsoft Power BI – Refresh Options

Power BI Report Ownership

Currently, only the owner of the report can Schedule a refresh or run a manual refresh using the Refresh Now from the Dataset menu.

If other users need to run a refresh, they will need to take ownership of the Dataset using the Take Over button on the Scheduled Refresh screen.

Microsoft Power BI – Settings for Refresh

It needs to be noted that the user who has taken over the report will continue to remain the owner and the process will need to be repeated by anyone else who want to run a refresh (including the previous owner).

The Power BI Refresh Limits

Based on the type of Power BI license assigned to the user with ownership of the report, the number of refreshes for the day vary.

  1. The Free and Pro licenses support up to 8 refreshes per day. After this, the schedule waits till the next day and the Refresh Now button is greyed out.
  2. The Premium license, though, allows up to 48 refreshes per day.

Note: Users will see a separate ‘Refresh’ button on the top ribbon. This just refreshes the report based on the data that has already been synced.

By Peter Amalrajan – Head of PPM Support