Training is recognised as an easy area to cut budget and many training providers have faced a very difficult 2009 as a result.  The OGC list “poorly trained Project Managers” as one of their top reasons for project failure.  I have worked with many organisations where the subject matter expert is given the role of managing the project; resulting in a fairly adhoc approach with no application of formal project management tools and techniques.  A successful PM needs to draw on a very wide range of skills, a good portion of which do not fall under “general management” skills.

Recognising the need for practical training on the techniques of project management, we at Wellingtone have consciously opted for a different approach to training.  Rather than joining the mass of organisations pushing generic PRINCE2 training we have designed two practical public courses that provide real world techniques you can apply immediately on your project.  For example; learn to build a high level project plan, run a risk workshop, identify your stakeholder and develop a RACI matrix – techniques that every Project Manager should use and complementary to any formal approach, whether it’s PRINCE2, APM, PMI or an in-house methodology.

Attendees on our courses also receive the Wellingtone Project Managers Toolkit – a complete set of forms, tools & templates to run your project so you don’t start with a blank piece of paper.  So if you want to make the best use of your limited training budget, invest in practical training that provides a direct and immediate benefit. For further details on our project management training and anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us.