The last PMO Academy webinar we designed was focused on the preparation that can help us get out of work with peace of mind for the holidays. We wanted to support you by helping you to prepare your PMO for Summer.

The attendees have connected from all over the world and most work as project managers and in PMO or governance roles. 

The impacts we see on PMOs when teams are on holiday:

  • The first impact is related to the internal changes that we have started to improve our processes, and the reality that when we return in September are not urgent. 
  • The second impact is aligned with the conversations we have started with PMO customers. And if we don’t do something interesting people forget about the PMO during July and August. 
  • The third impact concerns governance points that we have not been able to complete because the team is not available for meetings, or clarify the status, and the importance of being more pragmatic with what we actually need. 

We implanted the concept of Minimum Viable Bureaucracy that we need to do our job – you can read more about how to implement this in our latest Changing the PMO Mindset eBook. 

The direction of the company is a key point when we talk about the impacts on our teams. In this case, we must be ready to adapt to the new reality. 

Finally, we talked about the impact that is the loss of focus. Before we go on vacation, we are very passionate about our work and have everything under control. But the return to work is hard, and we end up with post-holiday blues. 

Together we reminded ourselves of the benefits of preparation, and why it is an important task for the PMO  to do as much as the Project Managers. 

Afterwards, Emma-Ruth recommended some tactical actions that we can do right now before we go on vacation and also some books to take to the beach. 

Tactical actions to prepare your PMO for Summer

  1. Accounting of our project portfolio and also our teams. 
  1. Design a roadmap for two or three months, ensuring that everyone who is available knows the objectives. 
  1. Use this time to analyse lessons learned and identify goals with a focus on internal changes that we can initiate. 
  2. Maintain community and training events for those who stay in the office. 

Reading list recommendations for PMO Professionals

Recommended books for PMO Professionals

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