What are the key skills that PPM and PMO professionals need to develop right now? The latest Wellingtone webinar focused on how some of the emerging trends we are seeing in the industry are going to affect PPM and PMO professionals. 

Over the last 12 months, we have been working with clients to develop their PMO and PPM roadmaps; starting the process with a maturity review. 

During the investigation work, similar stories began to emerge, highlighting some familiar skillsets that require focus from all PPM and PMO professionals. 

Emerging Trends in the Project Management Industry

Emerging Trends in the Project Management Industry

Each of the above skills is growing in popularity, and you can watch our webinar for the reasons why each one is getting more strategic focus.

Wellingtone is responding to this change in focus by providing a new suite of courses and services designed to bring each of these topics to life for PMO and PPM Professionals in a #HumanFirst way.

  • The Risk Management Practitioner is designed to bring Risk to life for those that are working within change activities and need to apply additional rigour to their risk management approach.
  • The Change Management Practitioner puts people at the heart of every project, designed for those that are not Change Managers but need to elevate their approach to Change Management.
  • Sponsorship has rarely been seen as a discipline in its own right, but nowadays the importance of good Sponsorship is considered more and more as projects feel more scrutiny. The Sponsoring Successful Projects course provides a view of the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of everyone in delivery teams.
  • The Agile for PPM professionals course brings Agile practice to non-Agile projects, through a new and innovative delivery approach that gives delegates a real-life experience so they can return to work understanding the benefits and pitfalls of utilising Agile practices in non-Agile environments.
  • The PMO 3D Service enables PMOs to define, design, and deliver the right PMO for right now with little time and money investment. This PMO transformation package brings together the best of the Wellingtone proprietary PMO services, tools, and expertise to drive beneficial change.

 Next Steps

For the next six months, Wellingtone has designed a calendar of events that provide opportunities for all PPM and PMO Practitioners to learn, share, and grow. Here we have curated some reading material that we think might provide you with more insight into the topics we discussed in the webinar until you can join us for one of our next events.

Dr PMO Clinic

And as always, feel free to book a Dr PMO Clinic appointment to discuss options for your continuing journey. You can use this time to get some ideas on what opportunities are present in your reality, and how to lever them to get results and successfully Reboot your PMO.

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By: Emma Arnaz-Pemberton

Emma Arnaz-Pemberton
Consulting Director FAPM, MCMI, MPMI, MIoD PMO-CC, MoR, MSP, PRINCE2

Published: 28 June 2021

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