As a Project Online user, you would know that you can edit a Schedule from the browser (basic edit) and from Project Professional (like a superhero).

When you try to open the schedule in a browser or when you edit in the browser, are you seeing the below error?

If so, below are the steps to get around it and you will need the superhero powers of Project Professional.

  1. Edit the project in Project Professional – In case you don’t have it, find an administrator who can do it for you.
  2. Once in edit mode, check the list of tasks in the project to see if there are any empty lines in between the tasks. They will need to be cleared.
  3. Also, check the lines after the last task in the schedule – you may not notice it immediately but this is where we see blank lines most of the times (especially when the tasks are copy-pasted to the schedule)
  4. Once the blank lines are cleared, Save >> Publish >> Check-in the project.
  5. Try again in the browser and your project will open for editing seamlessly.

Now…did I say ‘superhero powers of Project Professional’ one too many times? I did, didn’t I? Probably jinxed it!

If you have any issues when you try to connect to Project Professional from your Project Web App but you come up with errors like:

Issue when trying to connect to Project Professional from your Project Web App (PWA

Or a repeated request to enter credentials

Enter Credentials

With the above two problems culminating to the infamous error message:

Microsoft Project Connect to Project Issue

The first thing to ensure is – Do you have the required access to be able to open a project in Project Professional? And also, do you have the required access to edit the project in question? If the answer to both the questions is a resounding yes, then:

  1. Request your IT or anyone with Admin access to your machine to go to Windows Credentials Manager >> Windows Credentials >> Clear any Office 365 credentials stored in the store.
  2. Once the stored credentials are cleared, try again. Project Professional will, at this point, ask you for your credentials >> Enter your credentials >> Make absolutely sure the credentials are correct >> Press OK and eh, viola it should all work just as good as new.
  3. But in those testing situations where there are no Office 365 credentials stored in the Windows Credentials Manager, let’s not lose hope – they have to be there somewhere! You will definitely need your IT to help this time.
    1. Go to Project 2016 >> File >> Info >> clear all managed accounts other than Computer.
    2. With an administrator account, go to RegEdit to open the Registry key.
    3. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity\Identities
    4. From the host of entries, you can go into each to see the accounts used. Identify the Office 365 one – remove this key.
    5. Once this is cleared, open PWA in the browser and edit in Project Professional.
    6. At this point, there should be a credential prompt to connect to PWA.

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Published: 18 November 2020

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