Our Microsoft support team has seen a recent increase in the number of questions from Administrators when a new user requires access to Project Online. A common query is when a user has been assigned a Project Online license but they are unable to access Project Online/Project Web App. Although licences and access go hand in hand, they are two separate actions.

The users can have a license but not be set up in the Project Web App – they will see an error relating to access. Something similar to the below.

Error message for Project Online Administrators unable to access Project Online/Project Web App

Similarly, the user can be set up in the Project Web App but not have a license where they will see license errors on pages relating to the Project online Functionalities.

To get a better understanding of the different licenses available with Project Online, we have a comprehensive article explaining them.

So, you have a new user, your Office 365 Administrator has given the user an appropriate license. The user is quite excited to connect to Project Online, but…no…the user receives an access related message.

Well, this is expected. Whichever license the user has been assigned, the user will still need to be added to the relevant security group in Project Web App (PWA).

 Two ways to get a new user added to Project Web App

  1. When using Project Permissions mode, Active Directory Groups can be set up, which are synchronised to the PWA Security Groups. Adding the users to the relevant Active Directory group synchronised with PWA will automatically add them to a Security Group during the next automated sync job. The Active Directory groups attached to the Project Online Security groups can be seen from the PWA Settings >> Manage Groups and you will see the Active Directory group that the Groups syncs the users from.
    Get a new user added to the system in Project Online
  2. Manual addition of users to the system – If there is no sync between Active Directory and PWA enabled, the user users will need to be added manually and assigned to the required security groups to provide access to PWA. This can be done from PWA Settings >> Manage Users >> New Users

Manually add new user to Project Web App

Security groups in Project Web App | Wellingtone

So to conclude this article and issue, you need to be set up as a user in the PWA and you will require a Project Online license. They are two different things but they go hand in hand.

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By: Peter Amalrajan

Peter Amalrajan
Head of PPM Support, Wellingtone

Published: 18 March 2021

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