We have had a few clients raise an issue with Project Professional with us recently. Whenever a Project is opened from Project Center for editing, the Project Professional freezes. Most likely with the below error message.

Microsoft Project has stopped working error message

Since this is a client software issue, the first port of call would be the Internal IT team to look at why the application crashes. When this is raised with IT, we think the below points would be helpful. Depending on the policies in your organisation, elevated privileges may be required to carry out these steps.

  • The first thing for IT to try in this case would be to run an online repair of Project Professional. They can try this from Windows >> Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> Select Microsoft Project >> Change. We usually recommend the ‘Online Repair’ from the set of presented options.

How would you like to repair your Office programs

  • In cases where the repair has not fixed the issue, we request users to look at the current updates for Project Professional from Project Professional >> File >>Account to see if there are any updates still waiting under ‘Product Information‘. If there are any pending updates, they need to be installed which will fix the issue you are seeing.

Check for current updates in Project Professional

As an add on to the above point about applying pending updates, It would be good to have a check with IT on how the updates are applied to Project Professional and the other Office Applications – some organizations have automatic updates enabled while others have a rollout schedule based on the application. With Project Online, it’s best to keep Project Professional up to date in terms of patches and updates.

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By: Peter Amalrajan

Peter Amalrajan
Head of PPM Support, Wellingtone

Published: 29 July 2021

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