Are you involved in the assurance of projects, programmes and portfolios but feel that a piece of foundational knowledge is missing? Do people run away every time they hear about a project audit? Is the value of assurance not recognised in your organisation? Would you welcome re-assurance that your assurance strategy is solid and in line with best practices? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the APM Accredited Assurance Practitioner training course is for you!

However, we understand that if “selling” the value of assurance can be overwhelming, selling to your manager the idea of a course in assurance can be as challenging. To make your life easier, we want to assure you (see what we did there?) that our ground-breaking course sets us apart in the industry. How? Have a read below.

  1. First and foremost, there is no other course like it. And we mean it. Literally.
    While assurance on projects, programmes, and portfolios of work are frequent and in high demand in organisations, assurance remains a specialism and, to our knowledge, there is no other equivalent offer in the training and development market to guide and equip assurance practitioners with the capabilities they need to succeed in their role. Most professionals are let to learn “the hard way”, that is, by themselves and without any structured pointers of what good looks like. Our course addresses that concern – finally, a solid foundation on assurance available to all.
  2. We rely on best practices in the industry and have combined them in a structured, digestible, way.
    There is no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to assurance since there are some resources and pockets of good practice available. However, they tend to exist in isolation or are presented in a fragmented way. Not with the Integrated Assurance Practitioner course – we have done the hard work for you and integrated the most relevant knowledge from credible sources into a single course. We are all in for critical thinking and holistic views on such a specialist topic. From APM’s Guide to Integrated Assurance, to Axelos’ Green Book, the Three Lines of Defence Model, or IPA’s Gateway framework, we’ve got you covered.
  3. We know our stuff and are passionate about it.
    Not just are our trainers highly involved and recognised in the project management international space, but also our course has been created in conjunction with assurance specialists from the APM’s Assurance SIG and benefited from their powerful insights and deep experience. In fact, the theory is fundamental to understand and interpret how we got here but it is in the nuances and details of practice that the challenge (and fun) lies. Our trainers don’t claim to be experts (in fact, they even dislike the word) but they have been in your shoes before and know what the day-to-day of an assurance role entails. They have designed assurance frameworks, completed all sort of reviews – from quality assurance to post-implementation or stage-gate reviews – conducted project health checks, and produced detailed audit reports. The beauty of it is they are keen to share all their knowledge and experience with you too.
  4. You can put your knowledge to test through a case study.
    We always try to apply multiple learning styles to account for differences in an individual’s learning in our training courses. However, a favourite of ours in the Assurance Practitioner course is a case study. Not a made-up one, but a real one – in fact, we can even let you know that it relates to an ongoing programme in the public eye. We use the case study throughout the course as an instrument to validate your learning, capture your imagination, and put knowledge into perspective. You will need to apply what you have learned, develop new ideas to manage a situation or to solve a problem – are you up to the challenge?
  5. It’s not simply about Assurance, but Integrated Assurance.
    This was probably the first thing you noticed about the course – we don’t just refer to Assurance but “Integrated” Assurance instead. The reality is that, for better or worse, assurance exists to some extent in most organisations even if you don’t realise it. Indeed, the first challenge is to understand which are the assurance providers in the organisation and how reliable is the assurance provided by each as often they are working in silos, meaning gaps not being properly covered as well as duplication of efforts. Yet, could there be anything more frustrating to a project team than to be asked the same type of questions by multiple assurers? By considering assurance from an integrated viewpoint, we aim to bring together in a coordinated way all the processes, knowledge, structure and learnings that tend to co-exist in a disjointed format. With the Assurance Practitioner course, you will be equipped to lead a collective attempt aimed at providing increased confidence to stakeholders. The time has come for better decisions.

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By: Hannah Francis

Hannah Francis

Published: 24 August 2020

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