Simply put, Microsoft Project offers the following applications to help meet your organisation’s needs for project and work management:

There’s been a considerable buzz around Microsoft Project for the WebMicrosoft’s most recent offering for cloud-based work and project management. Touted as the ‘New Project’, the user community are itching to understand how the release of Project for the Web marks the next chapter for Microsoft Project.

I’m sure this leaves lots of you asking, “but what does this mean for Project Online?”

Wellingtone has spoken a lot about the use case for Project for the Web vs Project Online, as well as scenarios where it makes sense to use them in tandem.

This article is not looking to duplicate that discussion, rather, it highlights to our Project Online customers what they need to look out for following the release of Project for the Web, any overlap between the two products, and how end-users might be affected.

Project Online Licensing/Subscriptions

If you are an existing Project customer with either Project Plan 3 (formerly Project Online Professional) or Project Plan 5 (formerly Project Online Premium) subscriptions, then it’s important to be aware that Project for the Web will be available in your Office 365 tenant.

Whether or not it is accessible is controlled by your Microsoft 365 Administrators.

An Admin can turn Project for the Web on or off for all users in their organisation through the Project settings page in the Microsoft 365 admin centre.
Note: Turning Project for the Web on or off will have no effect on your ability to use Project Online.

Turn on Project for the Web

In addition to Project Plan 3 and Project Plan 5, there is also Project Plan 1. This subscription will also grant users access to Project Online and Project for the Web. However, note that Project Online Essentials is an add-on for Project Online only.  The table below indicates the general level of capabilities provided by each subscription.

Product Project Online Essentials Project Plan 1 Project Plan 3 Project Plan 5
Project for the Web
Project Online
Project Online Desktop Client

To understand more about the different subscriptions and find out what capabilities each application offers, see the Microsoft Project Service Description.

Project Home

Project Home provides Microsoft Project users with a consolidated view of the projects that matter the most to them. It not only provides quick and easy access to projects they have worked on recently, but users can also pin projects as favourites so that they can be displayed prominently.

With a valid Project Plan license, Project Home can be accessed from the Office 365 App Launcher and click on the Project icon.

Office 365 App Launcher

Or users can access Home by navigating directly to

If enabled, Home will show your most recently visited projects, roadmaps and PWA Projects. Where a ‘Project’ refers to Project for the Web projects and ‘PWA Project’ refers to Project Online projects.

Project Home - Create New Blank Project

New blank project in Project for the Web

If a user were to click on the + New blank project button, they will navigate to the Project for the Web app directly in the browser.

Untitled project in Project for the Web

Note: A Project for the Web ‘Project’ is created in the Default environment.

Although Project for the Web and Roadmap may be available through existing Project Plan subscriptions, as an organisation, you may not want all/some users accessing these services.  For example, you may want to turn on Project for the Web for the organisation, but turn it off for some users who currently work exclusively in Project Online. Alternatively, you may want to turn off Project for the Web temporarily to all users so that it can be rolled out gradually. Microsoft recognises this and therefore, as well as turning Project for the Web on or off for all users, Admins also have the ability to:

  • Turn Project for the web on or off only for specific users
  • Turn the Roadmap feature on or off to all users – more on this later
  • Turn off Project Online to specific users


If access to Project for the Web is disabled:

  • Your licensed users will no longer see the + New blank project option on the Project Home page.

For any licensed users that were previously able to use Project for the Web, but are no longer able to:

  • When opening a project, users will see the error Project is not turned on for your organization.


Roadmap is a feature from Microsoft that provides organisations with a high-level view of their workstreams, programmes or portfolio from across multiple Microsoft applications.

With Roadmap, it doesn’t matter whether teams are using Microsoft Project Online, Project for the Web, or Azure Boards. It enables organisations to be able to create timeline views of multiple projects, complete with key dates and milestones, so that all the work is visible in one place.

Visit our website to learn more about Microsoft Roadmap and watch our on-demand video to learn about Using Microsoft Roadmap to Visualise Projects

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Published: 24 March 2022

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