Especially in today’s unpredictable environment, project portfolio visibility, collaboration and efficiency are crucial ingredients to retain the competitive edge. Yet many organisations still operate in siloed, manual environments.

Independent evidence from Forrester demonstrates that Microsoft Project Online has the capacity to generate an ROI of up to 387%.

That’s a stat that shouldn’t be ignored!

This eBook explains the benefits of Project Online, how to create a compelling business case for adopting the toolkit, and – crucially – how to sell that case to your decision-makers to achieve the right result.

What’s inside the eBook?

  • Executive Summary: The Business Benefits of Project Online
  • Project Online at a Glance: Industry Analysis
  • Project Online: A Solution Overview
  • Available within the Microsoft 365 platform
  • Fighting your Corner: Anticipating and Addressing Objections 1
  • Presenting the Business Case: Top Tips
  • User Experiences to Support Your Case