The world of PMO is continually adapting and evolving to support organisations in its current reality. To do this well, PMOs need to innovate in the way that it approaches building a beneficial relationship with its Customers.

Innovation in PMO is not about re-inventing the way we ‘do’ project management or the way we ‘do’ project assurance. Innovation in the world of PMO is taking what is already out there and working with it in a smarter way.

This kind of innovation is dependent on one thing: Changing the PMO Mindset.

With this series of eBooks, Wellingtone is channelling some of the real-life experience and forward-thinking insights from our PMO Specialists, our ever-expanding group of PMO Practitioners, and the wider industry, into eBooks designed to tackle one topic at a time.

The first topic comes from a Dr PMO submission question that asked us to consider the difficulties of delivering effective governance when many PPM delivery teams are working remotely. This eBook ‘The Recipe for Categorising Governance Needs for Projects’ draws from successful real-life methodology and experience that has been refined through its use, not theory. Download the free eBook Changing the PMO Mindset NOW!

We are hoping to inspire you to do some reflective practice focused on the workings and performance of your PMO, start some critical thinking with your team about what will make your PMO strong for the future, and put a roadmap into action.

If you have any topics you would like to see covered in the coming months, do not hesitate to contact us.

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