Learning in the workplace is no longer a commodity. The work economy of today demands that the focus of Leaders is trained firmly on the well-being of their teams, and the development of capability is high on the agenda of professional (and personal) wellbeing.

Our latest eBook supports PMO (and other) Leaders to develop strategies that have learning at the heart of them. Helping readers to consider some key areas including the challenges they are faced with, selecting the right approach for teams, evaluation options to ensure Return on Investment (RoI), and setting learners up for success.

The eBook provides a process that Leaders can follow to build an effective learning strategy that will enable the growth of teams and individuals, motivating, and inspiring them to support the organisation to grow and evolve.

What’s inside the eBook?

  • PPM Innovation
  • Changing the PMO Mindset
  • The “WHY” Learning as a Driver of Strategic Objectives
  • Thinking About a Learning Strategy
  • Setting Learners Up For Success
  • A Learning Culture
  • Building a Learning Strategy
eBook - PMO Learning Strategy
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