This free tool is designed for anyone working in a PMO environment or those facilitating PMO skills within their organisation.

  • Based on PMO best practice and experience

  • Simple to use performance review

  • Personalised to the PMO reality

  • Provides opportunity areas

  • Helps to build a case for change

The Wellingtone PMO Self Assessment tool is free to download at any time along with our Project and Portfolio Management other templates. It is recommended that it is completed as a group and can be personalised.

The PMO Self Assessment checklist is in Microsoft Excel, has no code, and is easily accessible. The results are PMO MOT Pass PMO, MOT Pass with Repairs, and PMO MOT Fail

It is important to take a step back every now and again and take a view on how our PMOs (Project / Programme / Portfolio Management Offices) are performing.

A Project Portfolio Management maturity assessment is always a great way to get an independent perspective and an opportunity to benchmark a PMO against others in the same industry.

However, this is sometimes not accessible due to internal constraints, so in order to help PMOs, Wellingtone has developed a PMO Self Assessment test that you can complete internally and begin to understand your opportunities to improve, design an action plan, and ultimately your case for change.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, PMOs need to take some time to understand how best to position themselves for the future challenges faced by organisations, so Wellingtone is offering the PMO Self Assessment tool for free.

Wellingtone held a live webinar to give an overview of the topics that are reviewed as part of the process, and how to utilise the PMO Self Assessment checklist itself.

The PMO MOT Checklist

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