Support your PMO to be more agile

Innovation in PMO is therefore not about inventing new ways to ‘do’ project management or governance processes, but instead about thinking differently to engage PMO Customers better and for the long term using what is already out there in a smarter way.

What’s inside the White Paper?

This white paper is going to focus on the Agile conundrum and specifically the impact the rise of Agile has had on organisations and PMO, detailing some of the technological innovations that can support PMOs and delivery teams to apply the right level of governance based on the need for agility within a project.

  • PPM innovation
  • Changing the PMO mindset
  • The Agile conundrum
  • What about agility?
  • History
  • The PMO and agility
  • The PMO and AGILE
  • Agility in PPM systems

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