These free to download resources provide detailed practical guidance across a range of topics. Our MOTs enable you to undertake your own dip-check assessment, starting your journey to improved PPM maturity. Our eBooks reflect our investment in providing practical thought leadership for the PPM community. Download, read, action, enjoy. You know where we are if you would like any help or an outside perspective.

eBook – Becoming More Agile – Changing the PMO Mindset

This eBook is going to focus on the Agile conundrum and specifically the impact the rise of Agile has had on organisations and PMO, detailing some of the technological innovations that can support PMOs and delivery teams to apply the right level of governance based on the need for agility within a project.

eBook – Project Categorisation – Changing the PMO Mindset

We consider the difficulties of delivering effective governance when many PPM delivery teams are working remotely. This eBook ‘The Recipe for Categorising Governance Needs for Projects’ draws from successful real-life methodology and experience that has been refined through its use, not theory.

MOT your PMO

This free tool is based on PMO best practice and experience. It's a simple-to-use performance review that will enable you to understand your opportunities to improve, design an action plan and ultimately your case for change.

MOT your PPM Technology

This short questionnaire is designed to test some of the key needs that organisations should consider when searching for a Project & Portfolio Management tool and provide an outcome that reflects your organisational reality.

MOT your Project Management Skills

Take the free PPM Skills MOT to learn more about your own skills and find areas of strength and areas of opportunity. This MOT will enable you to learn more about your own project management skills and find areas of strength and areas of opportunity.