A common requirement from PMOs is the ability to capture project data over time to identify trends as the project progresses through its lifecycle.The Snapshot solution from Wellingtone does exactly that. It will capture and store project level data at specific intervals, which then allows you to report on historical data, and provide valuable trend analysis for better insight and informed decision making.

“Snapshot” uses Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), to extract data from the project reporting OData feed which is then stored in various centralised SharePoint lists within Project Web App. From here the data is accessible for any reporting solution capable of working with OData feeds, such as Microsoft Power BI.

Some common examples of how snapshotting can be used include;

Providing trends on project KPIs

Snapshot Solution for Microsoft PPM - Wellingtone






Monitoring movement in project timelines

As well as highlighting when key milestones or deliverables slip

Highlight when Key Milestones of Deliverables Slip - Wellingtone

The ability to compare these metrics will enable key project stakeholders to truly understand how the project is performing over time.

With the exception of Project Baselines, the data displayed in Project Online is real time. Whilst real time data is valued by most, some stakeholders will still find a need for historical project data.

There are also some limitations of the Project Baseline dataset. For example, Baselines cannot be extended to include custom fields, there is always a risk that Baselines can be overwritten, and Baselines do not necessarily provide a consistent approach for snapshotting information across projects.

With the Snapshot capability, PMOs are able to standardise the process for capturing data over time; consistently capturing data over weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals, however, the data capture frequency can be tailored to suit your reporting requirements. It’s available for all Live projects, and includes Project, Task, and Resource Enterprise Custom Fields.

For more information, speak to your Account Manager or get in touch.

Demo Snapshot Report Microsoft PPM - Wellingtone

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By: Rachel Goodwin

Rachel Goodwin
Senior PPM Consultant, Wellingtone | An experienced PMO professional; P30 and PRINCE 2 certified, skilled at developing and implementing Project & Programme management methodologies, tools and best practices, with the ability to balance formal processes with pragmatism to drive delivery.
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Published: 20 November 2019

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