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Work takes place within every organisation, at all levels and across every area. Work might be referred to as Project Management, Task Management, Campaign Management to BAU and everything in-between. Work needs to be managed, reported, delivered and people need to be able to collaborate.

We help organisations to work smarter through the Microsoft Office 365 platform and the solutions within it that enable the modern workplace.

Office 365

Solutions that Enable the Modern Workplace

Why we heart Modern Workplace Solutions | One Platform

Migration, Deployment, Rescue & Adoption

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Migrating to a new PPM solution, or upgrading your ways of working can be stressful, time consuming and something that requires significant planning. Don’t give up and settle for outdated processes and tools or for a failed & incomplete implementation.

We can help you to work smarter and to ensure that your transition to modern work management. is a success.

  • PPM Maturity Benchmark

  • PPM Strategy Roadmap

  • Environment Readiness

  • Solution Configuration & Testing

  • Change Management & Adoption

  • Training & Support

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PPM Support Service

The PPM Platform is business critical and it needs to be robust, dependable and perform at optimum levels at all times.

The Wellingtone Support Service complements the standard Office 365 support offering and will ensure that from a technical perspective your issues are resolved quickly, and from a business perspective that you get the support you require to increase your PPM maturity.

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  • Support for End-Users

  • System Administration

  • On-site Consulting Days

  • PPM Maturity Assessment

PPM Support Services

Microsoft, APM & Customised PPM Training

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We are the only organisation worldwide that’s both an APM Accredited Training Provider and a Microsoft Gold Partner with the PPM specialisation.

We’ll enable you and your colleagues to succeed with our ground breaking public and customised in-house training courses.

  • Improve your team’s skills

  • Gain formal qualifications

  • Learn more about the PMO Academy

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