Cross-Projects Dependency Plugin

Relationships. Where would we be without them?

With this plugin users define and track task level ‘gives and gets’ between projects. These dependencies are often crucial for coordinating complex projects with interrelated tasks and deliverables.

This add-on allows you to better understand cross-project dependencies and keeps every Project Manager in the loop when working across interconnected initiatives.

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Fully Embedded

The platform is seamlessly integrated with Project for the webs’ scheduling interface, allowing for efficiently managing tasks that depend on each other within and across various projects.

Better Financial KPIs

The plugin is fully equipped with automated RAG (Red, Amber, Green) indicators that proactively identify and signal any potential risks associated with task dependencies.

Visualising the Data

Project managers can remain completely up-to-date with the latest insights, thanks to the accompanying reports and dashboards which provide real-time updates via Power BI.

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