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The Microsoft Project Portfolio Management Platform

The Microsoft Project Portfolio Management Platform2020-09-16T10:26:21+01:00
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Whether you are managing Portfolios, Programmes, Projects or ad-hoc work items the Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform has you covered through Project Online, Project for the Web, Planner and the Power Platform.

Through our industry leading expertise and specialist Microsoft Project Consulting Services practice we help organisations and individual teams ensure that they are using the right solution(s) by navigating them through the available options and fit based on maturity.

Microsoft Project Portfolio Management Benefits

Through the Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform you can streamline your PMO and wider PPM processes and realise numerous benefits. At Wellingtone we take the time to understand the project & work management pain points you want to address and ensure that they are! Some typical benefits are outlined below.

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360 Visibility

You, your organisation, stakeholders, and your team need visibility, without it you don’t know how projects are performing, who’s working on what or have the view(s) you need to make decisions.

Zoom in, zoom out – through the Microsoft PPM Platform see the full picture.

Resource Management

Resource management should not be like managing a herd of cats. As projects increase in complexity and require multi-disciplinary teams, with strict deadlines it’s vital that you have a centralised view of your people, equipment and any other resources,

With the Microsoft PPM Platform you can see resource demand vs capacity and detailed assignments in real-time.

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Reporting should not be a time consuming chore. It should be available when you need it to help inform decision making.

With the Microsoft PPM and Power Platform (Power BI) you can access the reports and dashboards you need, when you need in a standardised format or you can create your own.

Increased Consistency & Governance

You probably have defined standards and templates to support project life-cycles, governance frameworks and other artefacts such as documents and beyond.

With the Microsoft PPM Platform you can ensure that everyone is working in the same way, using the same templates and adhering to the governance processes that are in place.

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Better Visibility of Requests and Ideas

Research shows that innovative companies are more successful; however, many organisations don’t have a way in which they can collect ideas or transition them in to projects to bring them to life.

With the Microsoft PPM Platform you can capture, organise and shape ideas and ensure the right projects and identified and managed.


Projects consist of teams and in order to deliver they need to collaborate effectively, especially when multidisciplinary teams from across the organisation or third-parties are involved.

With the Microsoft PPM Platform and Microsoft Teams you can streamline the approach to collaboration.

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The Business Case for Microsoft PPM

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Project Online, from Forrester Research highlighted the following benefits:

A Return of Investment of 387%
Benefits of $4.3 million over three years
Net Present Value (NPV) of $3.4 million
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