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PPM Migration, Deployment & Adoption

PPM Migration, Deployment & Adoption2019-11-07T14:41:19+00:00

Migrating to a new PPM solution, or upgrading your ways of working can be stressful, time consuming and something that requires significant planning. Don’t give up and settle for outdated processes and tools or for a failed & incomplete implementation.

As an impartial partner and through industry leading expertise we can help you to work smarter and get back on track, ensuring that your transition to modern work management is a success.

PPM, PMO & P3M3 Maturity Assessment & Benchmarking

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Every Wellingtone engagement starts with a “dip check” of your PPM maturity – to understand strengths and weaknesses.

The outputs will help shape the implementation and define how it will complement your ways of working or act as the catalyst for change.

This maturity assessment will be repeated at various stages.

  • Know Where You Are

  • Benchmark against +700 organisations

  • Define the Vision and Roadmap for Maturity

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We Make it Easy for You to Embrace Modern Work Management

We Remove the Stress of Migration to the Latest Microsoft PPM Platform

Migrating to a new environment or upgrading to the latest version is viewed as stressful, time consuming and overall a resource intensive process that requires significant planning. As a result many organisations make do with what they have – don’t be one of them.

We can help you transition to the latest productivity solutions and help you embrace modern work management.

Change Management & Adoption

Implementing a PPM Platform should not be viewed simply as a software roll-out project but a business change and as such must consider the supporting business processes and impact on users.

We will work with you to ensure effective change management and adoption success.

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  • Organisational Change Happens One Person at a Time

  • Poorly Managing Change is Costly

  • Effective Change Management Increases the Likelihood of Success

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